Nail Polish

How do you thin nail polish September 12

Choose a thinnerClear nail polish remover is a great alternative to nail polish thinner, and you probably already have it on hand. Choose which thinner to add to your nail polish bottle.Add the thinnerAdd just a few drops of nail polish thinner or cl

What is Liquid Palisade September 12

To use Liquid Palisade, users apply it to the cuticles or other parts surrounding the nail that they want to avoid painting. The liquid dries quickly before the nail polish is applied. After completely painting the nails, users can peel away the pali

Where did fingernail polish come from September 3

Where did fingernail polish come from
Early nail polishes were made from beeswax, vegetable dyes, egg whites, gelatin, gum Arabic and scented oils. They were originally used by the upper classes. Portraits featuring subjects wea ...

How do you paint a French toenail September 3

How do you paint a French toenail
A translucent pink base coat improves the appearance of French toenails by increasing contrast between the white tip and the rest of the nail. Cover each nail with the base coat and let it d ...
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