What is the alanine cycle September 6

Wikipedia explains that muscle cells typically use glucose to make a molecule called ATP, which is the main type of energy used by cells. In order to do this, the muscle cells need to break down glucose in a process called glycolysis. Glycolysis prod

What is a muscle that bends a body part September 6

The bending of the wrist is aided by flexor carpi radialis and flexor carpi ulnaris. Flexor digitorum profundus aid in bending fingertips. Flexor digitorum superficialis can bend the middle sections of the fingers. Flexor pollicis longus and flexor p

How are muscles named September 6

Although the exact number of muscles in the human body is unknown, estimates range from about 650 to 840 named skeletal muscles, notes the Library of Congress. Learning the conventions by which muscles are named makes it easier to memorize and recogn

What is the obturator sign September 6

The obturator sign is frequently employed by physicians when a patient complains of lower abdominal pain, especially if the doctor believes appendicitis or another serious illness is likely. The sign can be an indicator of disorders such as abdominal

How many muscles are in the male body September 6

Visceral muscles are found inside organs and are considered to be the weakest type of muscle tissue. The cardiac muscle is only found in the heart, and its prime responsibility is to ensure that blood is pumped throughout the body. A person only has

What are examples of fibrous proteins September 6

Collagen is the most abundant fibrous protein in the human body. A typical collagen molecule contains three polypeptide chains joined together by hydrogen bonds in the chain. Collagen is mostly found in the bones, skin and connective tissues within t

What muscles are used in leg extensions September 6

What muscles are used in leg extensions
The leg extension is a seated strength-building, resistance weight-training exercise performed on a lever machine. According to the Miami Dade College website, the leg extension is considere ...

What are the two branches of the trachea September 6

The trachea is colloquially known as the windpipe because it is the anatomical structure that allows air to flow in and out of the lungs. It is a small tube that is less an inch in diameter and approximately four inches long. The trachea begins under

Where can I find a human anatomy muscle chart September 6

Where can I find a human anatomy muscle chart divides its chart based on different sections of the human body, such as superficial and deep anterior muscles of the upper body and anterior and posterior muscles of the upper ...

How much does the human heart weigh September 6

How much does the human heart weigh
The heart is located under the rib cage, between the lungs and to the left of the sternum. It is made up of muscles that contract and pump blood to the body. The heart contains four chambers ...

What muscles abduct your leg September 6

Abduction is just movement of the leg to the side, not forward or backward. Arms are abducted by reaching out from the shoulder. Jumping jacks abduct all four limbs of the body by moving legs apart and to the side while moving arms to the side and th

Why do muscles need oxygen September 6

During periods of heavy lifting or extreme muscle strain, muscles do not get oxygen quickly enough to provide energy. In these cases, the body must convert a substance called pyruvate into a substance called lactate, reports Scientific American. Too

What does a kinesiologist do September 6

The Encyclopaedia Britannica states that kinesiologists conduct research in a variety of areas with significant social and medical implications. Areas of research in kinesiology include bone mineralization, the body's responses to exercise, developme

What is foot eye coordination September 6

Foot-eye coordination affects almost all people, as it is necessary for even the most basic tasks, such as walking or going up stairs. However, this innate skill is of particular interest and importance to athletes, specifically those who play foot-i

Where are your biceps September 6

Where are your biceps
WebMD explains that the biceps muscle is connected to the bones of the arms by tendons, which are a kind of connective tissue. These tendons, which attach the biceps to the joints of the sho ...

How do you perform acupressure September 6

To apply acupressure, identify the pressure point, which is determined by using a pressure point chart and finding points that correlate with the problem area of the body, according to Dr. Gach. Once the pressure point is identified, apply a deep and
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