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How do you lower SGPT October 21

SGPT levels are measured by a blood test. The test detects levels of the enzyme pyruvate transaminase in the body. Normal levels of SGPT range from approximately 10 to 40 units of pyruvate transaminase per liter of blood. However, each lab has slight

What is the normal range for blood sugar October 21

What is the normal range for blood sugar
Regular blood sugar testing is beneficial for those who are pregnant as well as those who take insulin or have difficulty controlling blood glucose levels, notes the American Diabetes Associ ...

What is the normal CPK level October 21

CPK, or creatine phosphokinase, is an enzyme that is found in the skeletal muscle, brain and heart. It can be measured through a simple venipuncture states MedlinePlus. The test is ordered whenever an injury to the muscle, brain or heart is suspected

What is a normal D-dimer level October 21

Doctors order a D-dimer test to determine if a person has a blood clotting problem, which sometimes occurs with conditions such as deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism, says WebMD. Physicians use the test to evaluate the effectiveness of clot

What is a normal blood iron count October 20

If the iron value in the blood test is too low, it can signal some medical conditions like anemia. A high value can signal other medical conditions such as an infection, kidney failure and lead poisoning. To perform the test, blood is drawn via a nee

What is normal creatinine October 20

High creatinine levels in the blood are an indicator of kidney malfunction, but temporary spikes can be caused by dehydration or low blood levels, explains Mayo Clinic. Eating large quantities of meat or taking creatinine supplements may also cause e

How does alcohol raise my blood pressure October 18

How does alcohol raise my blood pressure
The constriction of blood vessels is not the only way that excessive alcohol consumption contributes to the problem of high blood pressure. The HHPC explains that binge drinking stimulates t ...

What causes high iron levels September 16

The human body uses iron to synthesize DNA, store and transport oxygen, prevent accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in cells and produce cellular energy. Infants and children need approximately 40 milligrams of iron per day, while adolescents and adult
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