How do you read a multimeter October 23

Turn on the multimeter, and calibrate the settingsMultimeters have several settings, such as both AC and DC voltage, resistance/impedance and amperage. More advanced models might include capacitance. Before testing anything, know what you want to mea

How long is a quarter mile October 12

The word mile comes from the Latin word "milia," meaning "a thousand," and the Romans used the term "mille passus" meaning "a thousand paces," where each pace equalled two steps. For a 5-foot-9-inch man with an aver

What is 300 grams in pounds October 9

One gram is the equivalent to 0.00220462 pounds. Therefore, when a weight is given in grams and needs to be converted into pounds, the weight in grams needs to be multiplied by 0.00220462. Using this conversion factor it is a very simple calculation

What weighs 50 pounds October 9

What weighs 50 pounds
According to the Fatness to Fitness blog site, dieters who manage to lose 50 pounds have burned a total of approximately 175,000 calories. The site states that 50 pounds can be equated, in w ...

What is 42 cm in inches September 17

The centimeter is a unit of length in the metric system of measurement; it is used throughout most of the world and is the standard unit for scientific research. The inch is a unit of measurement in the imperial system of measurement, which is primar

What is 4,000 meters in feet September 17

The meter was introduced in the 1790s by the French. It represented one ten millionth of the distance from the equator to the North Pole via a meridian that passed through Paris. The meter was redefined in 1984 as the distance that light travels in a

How is LB/HR converted to SCFH September 16

Calculate the density of the fluid. The density of fluids varies depending on the temperature and pressure. Liquid densities are generally less sensitive to temperature and pressure than gases, but for both fluid types the density must be found under

How fast is a knot in mph September 16

The term comes from the practice of measuring speed while at sea using a chip log. A chip log is a wooden board attached to a line that has knots tied in it at uniform distances. In order to determine the speed at which the ship was travelling, a sai

How long does it take to walk 400 meters September 11

Dominant theories point to walking as a trait of human beings as early as 1.5 million years ago. Footprints discovered on an ancient beach in modern-day Kenya indicate that ancestors of Homo sapiens engaged in familiar two-legged locomotion, which fr

How many ounces does a demitasse cup hold September 11

The demitasse is around 2.25 inches in both height and width, and it is presented on a saucer 4.5 to 5 inches in diameter.A demitasse of coffee will traditionally be served in a separate room at the end of a formal dinner. Although the coffee typical

How do you calculate square feet September 11

How do you calculate square feet
Determine the shape of the target areaThe formula used to determine the square footage varies for squares, triangles, circles and irregular shapes, so identify the type of shape. Sometimes t ...

How big is 5 acres September 11

A single acre superimposed over a football field would cover everything from one end zone to the opposite side's 10 yard line. Five acres is also equivalent to about two city blocks, although there is no precise standard. An acre is defined in modern

What is 59 inches in centimeters September 11

For example, 3 inches converted to centimeters is calculated by 3 inches x 2.5400, which results in 7.6200 centimeters. One centimeter is also equal to 10 millimeters. Milliliters, centimeters and inches are all used to measure the length of objects

How much does a size 6 woman weigh September 11

Celebrities Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift are both well-known size-six women. However, due to their height differences and body types, they carry weight differently. Taylor is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs around 120 pounds, while Kim measures 5

What is 38 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit September 11

What is 38 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit
The Celsius scale, also called centigrade, is part of the International System of Units, and is the most widely used unit in the world to measure temperature. Zero degrees Celsius is water's ...

How many square feet in a half acre September 11

An acre is a unit of area primarily used in the imperial and U.S. customary measurement systems. It is equal to 4,047 square meters, 4,840 square yards, 0.405 hectares, 1/640 or 0.0015625 square miles. The acre is defined in square units because it i

How do I calculate stride length September 11

A stride length is the distance covered by two steps, or the distance between where the left heel touches down and then touches down again. Some users confuse stride length with step length. To measure a step length, use the wet puddle method, but me
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