How is rubber made October 19

Until the 1800s, the sap from rubber trees, known as latex, was simply allowed to dry to form a basic rubber. However, this type of rubber is susceptible to heat and cold, which is why vulcanization is needed to make it more stable in all temperature

What is made out of tin September 3

What is made out of tin
Tin resists rusting and corrosion, and it repels water as well. These properties make it suitable for creating the structures and cores of appliances such as washing machines, sinks and stov ...

What are some examples of lean manufacturing September 3

What are some examples of lean manufacturing
Lean manufacturing starts with the premise that anything that doesn't add value to the customer is waste. Typical areas of waste include transportation, inventory, motion, wait periods, over ...

Where does liquid mercury come from September 3

Where does liquid mercury come from
According to, mercury does not become a solid until it is cooled to -39 degrees Fahrenheit. Mercury is used in many items such as thermometers, barometers, and batteries. According ...

How is lead made September 3

How is lead made
Manufacturing lead involves several steps to ensure the purity of the product. First, the ore is mined from the ground using dynamite and brought to the surface with heavy machinery. The mat ...

What does die-cast mean September 3

What does die-cast mean
The molds used to create die-cast parts or models are made from hardened steel. This steel makes the molds usable for casting parts using a variety of metals and alloys, including aluminum, ...

What makes up duct tape September 3

What makes up duct tape
The polyethylene, the same plastic used in grocery bags, is waterproof and the tape gets its gray color from a powdered aluminum, which is added to the polyethylene when it is produced. The ...

How is table salt made September 3

Salt can be produced in several other ways, such as deep-shaft mining or solar evaporation. Deep-shaft mining is similar to other mineral mining and extracts salt from old underground sea beds. Salt extracted via deep-shaft mining is mostly used as r
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