What is a safe level of carbon monoxide October 22

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning causes more than 20,000 emergency department visits, 4,000 hospitalizations and 400 deaths annually. People aged 65 and older, people with respiratory p

Does latex paint peel October 22

It is essential that walls receive a coat of primer and sealer prior to painting, and this step is doubly necessary when latex paint covers an existing oil-based paint. Benjamin Moore recommends applying paint when the humidity is low and the walls a

How can soffit lighting be installed October 20

When an ideal location is found for the soffit lighting to be placed, a hole large enough for the light fixture should be created. The fixture should fit snugly in the hole. The space should be measured in between the hole and the switch, and around

How do you stop water hammer October 19

Water hammer occurs when air chambers built into the plumbing system become filled or blocked. Normally, these chambers help mediate the pressure buildup caused when taps close. When they become blocked, that pressure can resonate through the pipes,

What causes hardwood floors to be squeaky October 18

Subflooring is the material that provides support for the hardwood. In older homes, the subflooring may be dimensional lumber nailed to the floor joist at an angle to the direction of the finish flooring. Newer homes use plywood or oriented strand bo

What causes cracks in plaster ceilings October 18

Aging causes cracks to appear in certain formations, depending on the age of the ceiling. At an age of about 30 to 40 years, cracks tend to develop running the longer length of the ceiling. At the 40-to-60-year mark, further cracks appear running per

What is Old Village paint October 18

The colors are created using natural earth pigments from all over the world. Because the colors must be used on many different materials - including wood, plaster and masonry - latex, oil-base, buttermilk formulations and paste stains are available.

What causes cracks in a ceiling October 18

Given enough time, most homes develop a series of spiderweb cracks that run across the ceilings of all the rooms. Cracks of less than 1/16 inch are not generally an indicator of serious structural damage, but of normal settling of the home. They appe

How do you use a paint sprayer October 15

Strain the paintStrain the paint you plan to use through a mesh bag and into a bucket to remove clumps.Prepare the pump for primingPlace the large suction tube in the bucket of strained paint, and place the prime tube in a separate bucket.Prime the p

How do you use a caulk gun October 13

Load the gunCut the tip of the caulk tube using a pair of heavy-duty scissors at a 45-degree angle for best application results. Pull the trigger on the gun, and pull back on the bar at the rear of the gun to move the clamp all the way to the rear. S

How do you paint a basement floor October 10

Repair and heat the floorFix any cracks in the floor with concrete patch. Using a space heater, heat the basement to between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit to facilitate the drying of the paint. Keep flammable objects away from the space heater to avoi

How do I dry birdhouse gourds October 10

Choose an appropriate gourdChoose a healthy, hard-skinned gourd that has no signs of bruising, which interferes with the gourd's longevity. Pick a gourd that has a dry, brown stem, indicating that it's mature enough for harvest.Clean the gourdUse a s

How do you build a TENS unit October 10

Draw a diagramDraw and print a diagram to help you in building the TENS unit. The diagram acts as a guiding tool when assembling all parts of the unit. Print the diagram, and indicate all alterations you wish to make to the unit components. Prepare t
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