Will a magnet stick to titanium October 17

Will a magnet stick to titanium
Titanium is an element with an atomic number of 22 and represented by the symbol Ti. It has a low density with high strength. Because of its strength and hardness, titanium is often used to ...

What are some common electromagnetic devices September 15

Loudspeakers use an electromagnet and a permanent magnet to produce sounds. The electromagnet is attached to the speaker cone, and moves in relation to the permanent magnet when a current is run through it. These vibrations of the speaker cone are wh

What are different types of electromagnetic radiation September 14

What are different types of electromagnetic radiation
The different types of electromagnetic radiation are determined by the energy content of the particles in that range. This is further governed by the temperature of the medium, according to ...

What are homemade magnets September 14

What are homemade magnets
Homemade magnets are in the form of bar magnets, paperclip magnets, magnetic needles and electromagnets. To make a magnet at home, one strong magnet and magnetic materials such as iron, stee ...

What did William Gilbert discover September 14

What did William Gilbert discover
Gilbert is known as the father of both electricity and magnetism. In 1600, he published "De Magnete, Magneticisique Corporibus" in which he explained his theories of magnetism and ...

How does temperature affect magnetism September 14

When heat is applied to a magnet, its thermal energy becomes elevated, which causes the magnet's atoms to deviate from their natural arrangement. The increased internal energy results in more random movement that occurs at a much faster rate. Instead

What are examples of magnetic force September 14

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines a magnetic force as the interaction between electrically charged particles that results in either attraction or repulsion. Besides the aforementioned force among magnets, the magnetic force is seen in many everyday

Will a magnet stick to brass August 2

Pure brass is lustrous and has the color of gold. The color of brass may vary depending upon the amount of copper it contains. When brass is electroplated over other ferrous metals, it becomes magnetic. In such cases, the magnetic property is due to

Is platinum magnetic August 2

Is platinum magnetic
Credit: James St. John CC-BY 2.0 Because platinum has to be mixed with other metals, a magnetic platinum ring is not necessarily a sign of fraud. However, those who are concerned about the q ...

What is a list of magnetic metals August 2

What is a list of magnetic metals
Credit: Jane Dickson CC-BY-SA 2.0 The mechanical properties of magnetic metals are strength, hardness, ductility, elasticity and creep. Most precious metals such as gold and silver are not m ...

What are temporary magnets August 2

What are temporary magnets
Credit: Emilio Kuffer CC-BY-SA 2.0 The first type of temporary magnet is one that has a low coercivity, meaning the magnetic field necessary to demagnetize it is relatively small. An example ...

Is titanium magnetic July 31

Titanium is a strong, low-density metal that is used in many industrial and medical applications. One of its advantages as a material is its low thermal and electrical conductivity compared with other metals. This low conductivity inhibits the flow o

What does a permanent magnet generator do July 30

With a permanent magnet generator the number of magnetic poles combined with the rotational speed of the turbine come together to give the frequency of the generator. This means that as the turbine size increases the complications and challenges of u

Does magnetism affect plant growth July 29

Magnetically treating seeds increases germination rates. It boosts protein formation and allows weaker seeds to grow stronger root systems. Plants that are watered with magnetized water grow 39 percent larger than those watered with tap water. This n

How can an iron nail be made into a magnet July 29

Magnets exist within a magnetic field that cannot be seen with the human eye. Magnetic field creates a force which makes objects, which are susceptible to magnetism, attract or repel one another within this field. A magnet will attract many metals th

How can kids make an electromagnet July 29

An electromagnet is a type of magnet where the magnetic field generated is created by electricity. As an electric field flows in the wire, a magnetic field is created. As the number of coils made by the wire increases, the power of current increases,
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