What did Thomas Jefferson invent October 19

What did Thomas Jefferson invent
The improved plow Thomas Jefferson invented plowed deeper than existing plows and could plow on a hillside. Along with inventing a machine for making elbow macaroni, Jefferson is also credit ...

Who is Gouverneur Morris October 19

Born in New York in 1752, Gouverneur Morris graduated from college at the age of 16 and quickly became involved in politics just as the American colonies were beginning to seek independence from Great Britain. After serving in the American Revolution

Which first lady secretly took over as president October 17

Which first lady secretly took over as president
Mrs. Wilson was a regular companion to her husband even before he suffered a stroke, often screening his mail and callers, and sitting silently in the Oval Office while he met with political ...

When did El Salvador gain its independence October 12

These Central American countries then formed a federation of states that was not dissolved until 1838, at which time El Salvador officially became an independent republic. Since that time, El Salvador has experienced many revolutions, wars (both civi

What did Pilgrim children do for fun October 10

Since few records were kept describing the lives of Pilgrim children, historians are unsure as to what games they played or how much free time they were allowed during the day. Most likely the children played the games that had been played in Holland

Where is Quanah Parker buried October 10

Quanah Parker was a son of a Comanche chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, a white captive. He was a prominent Comanche Indian chief and one of the leaders of the Native American Church. Quanah Parker gained reputation as a warrior among the Qua

What was the outcome of the Revolutionary War September 17

What was the outcome of the Revolutionary War
During the British occupation of the American colonies, Americans were forced to buy English goods and trade only with England. The departure of the British Navy and Army finally allowed the ...

What caused Bleeding Kansas September 17

In 1854, the citizens of the Kansas territory were given the right to determine if Kansas would be a free or slave state. The Kansas-Nebraska Act used the concept of popular sovereignty to overrule the Missouri Compromise. People on both sides of the

How did Maine become a state September 17

The citizens of Maine, especially inland farmers, campaigned to become a state for 35 years because they felt underrepresented in the Massachusetts legislature and felt that the state's tax laws were unfair. Finally in 1819, Massachusetts passed Main

When was photography invented September 17

The practical technique of photographic development was invented by Louis Daguerre in 1829, in which he partnered with Niepce to perfect his process. It was not until after Niepce's death that Daguerre finally created a relatively fast and convenient
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