Hairstyling Tools

How do you loosen curls October 18

Wash and deep condition hairWash your hair using the shampoo of your choice twice, and then scrunch out the excess water with your fingers. Apply conditioner from the roots to the tips. Put your hair in a plastic cap, and allow the conditioner to sat

How do you clean the ceramic plates on a hair straightener October 10

How do you clean the ceramic plates on a hair straightener
Allow the flat iron to coolTurn off the hair straightener, and unplug it. Allow it to cool for about five minutes. Place it on a heat-resistant mat or a wash towel, and not directly on your ...

Who invented hair spray September 8

Aerosol cans were created during World War II. The cans were created for insecticide but it was soon realized that they could be used for beauty products. Helene Curtis, Inc. coined the phrase hairspray for its product Spray Net in 1950. Aqua Net was

What does a diffuser do July 31

There are different designs of diffusers, each with a specific purpose. The finger attachment adds body while enhancing natural waves and curls. A paddle attachment can be used on straighter hair to add body while reducing flyaway hair. With a diffus
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