What are some insects that jump September 10

The froghopper is a tiny insect just 1/5 inch long but with a powerful jumping ability that allows it to catapult more than 2 feet into the air. Strong leg muscles store the energy, then release it all in one burst, subjecting the froghopper to about

Where can you get a drink recipe for a Grasshopper July 28

Where can you get a drink recipe for a Grasshopper
Credit:ivanmateeviStock / Getty Images PlusGetty ImagesFood Network's drink recipe for Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktail requires ingredients such as white creme de cacao, green creme de menthe ...

How long do grasshoppers live July 28

How long do grasshoppers live
Credit:SeRVe PhotographyCC-BY 2.0Most grasshoppers do not live until their natural deaths due to disease, drought conditions and predators. Grasshoppers are found on all continents with the ...

How high can a grasshopper jump July 28

Grasshoppers use their back legs much like a catapult. The flexor muscles inside its back legs act like a rubber band. When the grasshopper bends its back legs, tension builds in this muscle and waits for the release. The built-up energy in this knee

How far can a grasshopper jump July 28

Small grasshoppers are just as good at jumping as the larger species; sze does not play a role in how far grasshoppers can jump. In fact, smaller grasshoppers have longer legs, which makes up for the size difference. Juveniles in particular are skill

What are grasshopper adaptations July 28

The hind legs of grasshoppers give them the ability to jump nearly 1 meter at a time, which is roughly 30 times their body lengths. The equivalent to that feat is the average human covering a half-length football field in one jump. Grasshoppers do ha

What are some grasshopper facts July 28

When grasshoppers are very young, they do not have wings. In later stages of development, wings appear at the end of the thorax. Common predators of grasshoppers include birds, lizards, spiders and rodents. Grasshoppers have a positive impact on the

Is a grasshopper a consumer July 28

When grasshoppers are young, they are called nymphs. As nymphs, they eat tender plants, clover, fresh shoots, grass and other small plants. As they grow older, they go through a process called "molting" and begin eating tougher plants and grass.

How many eyes does a grasshopper have July 28

How many eyes does a grasshopper have
Credit:Joerg HaukePicture PressGetty ImagesGrasshoppers are insects with two pairs of wings and long hind legs used for jumping. They are different from katydids and crickets in that they ha ...

How many legs does a grasshopper have July 28

How many legs does a grasshopper have
Credit:Chris LuczkowCC-BY-2.0Grasshoppers are an insect, and in comparison to the rest of the class, they possess the rare ability to jump. They are typically found in meadows or fields, and ...

How do grasshoppers mate July 28

To reach the female's eggs, the sperm must travel through tiny canals called micropyles. When the sperm reaches its destination, the eggs become fertilized. After fertilization, the female deposits her eggs into the ground. She completes this action
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