What does Germany produce July 29

In 2012, Germany exported goods worth about $1.5 trillion. The country's primary exports include foodstuffs, textiles, transport equipment, machinery, metals, rubber and plastic products. Its primary export partners include the European Union, of whi

What are some interesting facts about Frankfurt, Germany July 29

What are some interesting facts about Frankfurt, Germany
Credit:Matthias Haker PhotographyMomentGetty ImagesFrankfurt is one of Germany's oldest cities, and it is also the location of the European Central Bank. As such, a lot of European business ...

What is the national emblem of Germany July 29

The national emblem of Germany is thought to have originated around the year 1200. Over the centuries, many variations were adopted for military and political reasons, but the eagle has remained the central theme. It is a re-introduction of the Weima

What appears on a list of German products July 29

Hamburg, Germany, is the home of Nivea and MontBlanc, skin care products and pens respectively. Munich is home to BMW, with Porsche based in nearby Stuttgart. Ritter Sport chocolate comes from Waldenbuch. Other products and brands include Hugo Boss,

Is Germany in Europe July 29

People in many of these border countries, as well as in parts of Italy, speak German. Berlin is the capital of Germany, and the country is divided into 16 administrative states. Among Germany's natural resources are coal, natural gas, copper and uran

Where is Germany July 29

Germany borders nine European countries. To the north, the country is bordered by Denmark, while on the east it borders Poland and the Czech Republic. Germany's southern borders abut those of Austria and Switzerland. To the west are Belgium, the Neth

What is Germany's motto July 29

The motto is unofficial, and it comes from the beginning of the third stanza of Germany's national anthem. The third stanza is all that is sung for the national anthem. Germany's motto is inscribed on the edge of the German Euro as well as on Bundesw

Where is Germany located July 29

Germany has over 82 million inhabitants, as of 2014. The capital and largest city is Berlin. Germany is the birthplace of Ludwig Von Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms and Felix Mendelssohn. Germany's climate varies but is generally ho

Why is Germany called the Fatherland July 29

Motherland is often used to describe Russia, as in Mother Russia, because the people who come from there are fond of the environment of the country. The Russian people cater to and nurture their nationals and act in the same way that a mother would a

What is the dominant biome in Germany July 29

Biome is a term that describes a distinct region on Earth with its own climate and predominant animals and plants. These elements are interconnected, and a change in one causes a change in the others. For instance, deforestation results in loss of sp

Where is Berlin July 29

According to visitBerlin, Berlin is home to approximately 3.5 million inhabitants as of 2013. It has 175 museums, around 300 cinemas and over 50 theatres. The city has 4,650 restaurants and more doner kebab shops than Istanbul. It also has over 900 b

Where is the red light district in Berlin July 29

Where is the red light district in Berlin
Credit:Matthias RippCC-BY 2.0Prostitutes walk the streets, work out of apartments and are found in numerous legal establishments such as massage parlors and bordellos. One of the largest, mo ...

Where is Prussia on toady's maps July 29

The Prussian empire eventually became modern-day Germany. After defeating France in 1871, Prussian leadership established Prussia as a world power and unified various states. The Prussians established a German empire, which lasted until World War 1,

What are Germany's natural resources July 29

What are Germany's natural resources
Credit:Sean Gallup / StaffGetty Images NewsGetty ImagesGermany's bituminous coal deposits formed more than 300 million years ago from swamps extending from southern England over the Ruhr reg ...

What are the main languages spoken in Germany July 29

What are the main languages spoken in Germany
Credit:Michael BlannStoneGetty ImagesThe two main religions of Germany are Protestant and Roman Catholic. Germany had a population of close to 81 million as of 2014, making it the 18th most ...

Where is Bavaria July 29

The Free State of Bavaria is the largest federal state of Germany in central Europe, covering one-fifth of the total area of the country, according to the travel guide, Bavaria. Situated in the southeast of Germany, Bavaria borders Switzerland, the C
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