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What is a safe level of carbon monoxide October 22

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning causes more than 20,000 emergency department visits, 4,000 hospitalizations and 400 deaths annually. People aged 65 and older, people with respiratory p

How can you get liquid dish soap out of the Jet Dry dispenser October 22

How can you get liquid dish soap out of the Jet Dry dispenser
Stop the dishwasher as quickly as possible, and fill a clean medicine dropper or turkey baster with clean water. Squirt the water into the Jet Dry dispenser, then suction the water back into ...

Does latex paint peel October 22

It is essential that walls receive a coat of primer and sealer prior to painting, and this step is doubly necessary when latex paint covers an existing oil-based paint. Benjamin Moore recommends applying paint when the humidity is low and the walls a

What are Fram air filters October 22

Business operators and consumers acquire Fram air filters directly from one of the company's retail carriers or from a service provider such as a dealer or oil change shop. Fram filters can be installed by vehicle owners, and standard car maintenance

How do you season Pampered Chef brand stoneware October 22

Stoneware from Pampered Chef is pre-seasoned, meaning that no additional seasoning needs to take place. The products maintain their non-stick seasoning by remaining out of the dishwasher, and away from soap or detergent. As they become darker with us

What is a virtual kitchen October 22

A virtual kitchen starts with a rendering of an empty room. The user adds elements from a predetermined selection of cabinetry, sinks, plumbing fixtures, appliances and other features to the appropriate area of the rendering. A backsplash, countertop

How can soffit lighting be installed October 20

When an ideal location is found for the soffit lighting to be placed, a hole large enough for the light fixture should be created. The fixture should fit snugly in the hole. The space should be measured in between the hole and the switch, and around

What is a nautical ceiling light October 20

What is a nautical ceiling light
Designers at Destination Lighting recommend using nautical lighting to add atmosphere to beach houses and other homes and businesses located near the water. However, they can also be used in ...

Why would you need a portable black light October 20

Black lights can be used to detect leaks in automobiles. When fluorescent dye is added to automobile fluids, a black light can be passed over the vehicle to find the source of the leak and identify which fluid is the culprit. Art experts use black li

How do you clean an amethyst cathedral October 20

Check for tiny mineralsBefore soaking the amethyst cathedral, inspect the interior for sand-sized minerals, such as geothite, millerite or kaolinite. If they are loose, shake them out. However, if they are fused to the inside of the geode, they may b

How do I eliminate static cling October 20

Static clean is most common in dry environments. Increasing humidity levels can make it less likely to occur.Prevent static cling in the dryerThe easiest way to prevent static cling is to use dryer balls or dryer sheets in the clothes dryer. This pre

How do you iron felt fabric October 19

Prepare the materialAdjust the iron to low, wool setting, then preheat it. Spread the fabric on the ironing board, and smooth out the creases.Iron the fabricBegin from the left of the fabric, and move the iron towards the right. To avoid scorching th

How do you iron a pair of pants October 19

Begin with the pocketsTurn the pants so the pockets are on the outside. Place the pockets flat on the ironing board, and press them with the iron.Press the fly, seams and hemsUse the iron to press the fly of the pants. Next, iron the seams and hems o

How do you stop water hammer October 19

Water hammer occurs when air chambers built into the plumbing system become filled or blocked. Normally, these chambers help mediate the pressure buildup caused when taps close. When they become blocked, that pressure can resonate through the pipes,

How do I remove Tipp-Ex from wood October 18

If, after scraping, there is still residual Tipp-Ex visible on the wood, try using vinegar to try to remove the rest. There are commercially available Tipp-Ex solvents and Tipp-Ex stain removers, but great care should be used with these chemicals. Th

What causes hardwood floors to be squeaky October 18

Subflooring is the material that provides support for the hardwood. In older homes, the subflooring may be dimensional lumber nailed to the floor joist at an angle to the direction of the finish flooring. Newer homes use plywood or oriented strand bo
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