Are frogs mammals September 12

The tailless amphibians date back over 250 million years, and there have been over 4,800 different species identified as of 2014. Frogs live in an array of environments, including in bodies of water, underground, in trees, and on dry land. The amphib

Are frogs asexual September 12

During mating, frogs assume a stance called "amplexus" in which the male frog climbs on top of the female while she lies on her back, locking his arms around her body. This bond is so strong that it is very difficult to pull the frogs apart. The

How has a frog adapted to its environment September 11

How has a frog adapted to its environment
Many frogs, with the Northern Leopard Frog being an example, have skin with camouflaged patterning as well. In this case, that includes brownish-green coloring that is perfect for blending i ...

How does a frog breathe September 11

How does a frog breathe
Frogs lack a diaphragm or rib muscles to expand their thoracic cavity and thus take in air. Thus, they breathe into their lungs opposite to how mammals do, using positive pressure to inhale ...

What do gray tree frogs eat September 11

Gray treefrogs hunt for food in moist, forested areas in the evening and at night, often hiding in rotten logs and under tree roots. Because they need pools of water to breed in, they are never found very far from ponds, streams and lakes. As tadpole

How do you dissect a frog September 10

Position the frog on the trayPlace the preserved frog on a dissecting tray with its belly facing up. Spread its limbs, and secure them with straight pins. Cut and retract the abdominal skinUse the forceps to pick up the skin between the frog's hind l

What is a female frog called September 10

What is a female frog called
It is difficult to tell male and female frogs apart. All of the frog's reproductive organs are located inside the body. However, during mating season a frog's sex can be discerned by specifi ...

When is frog gigging season September 10

Searching on each state's individual website is the easiest way to determine when frog gigging season begins and ends. For example, in Missouri, bull frog and green frog gigging season runs from June 30 through October 31. In Florida, frogs can be gi

Where do tadpoles come from September 7

The process by which tadpoles become adult amphibians is called metamorphosis. It happens gradually and involves dramatic changes to every aspect of the developing frog or toad. Metamorphosis lasts six to 12 weeks. It begins with the growth of long,

What is the function of the oviducts in frogs September 7

What is the function of the oviducts in frogs
Oviducts in male frogs are referred to as vestigial oviducts and have no specific function and no role in reproduction. In most cases, fertilization of the female frog's eggs takes place out ...

What is a pacman frog September 7

Pac Man frogs vary in color, but green and yellow with spotting is normal. They are sedentary and inactive as hunters, preferring to burrow and wait for prey to come close. Some species of Pac Man frog sleep during the day, while others sleep at nigh

What do frog droppings look like September 7

Frog droppings are dark in color, and can commonly be found in areas where flood lights are turned on at night. The droppings usually show up in these areas because the frogs will be drawn to the insects attracted to the light.Frog droppings also ten

What do bullfrog tadpoles eat September 7

Adult bullfrogs can lay up to 20,000 eggs once a year. The eggs hatch into tadpoles, which can grow up to 6 inches long during a two-year period before morphing into adults. The adults remain around a body of water their whole lives. They hide among

Do frogs eat fish September 7

Do frogs eat fish
Frogs catch their prey by touching the prey animal with their sticky tongues and rolling their tongues quickly back into their mouths. Accordingly, wild frogs can eat anything that fits onto ...
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