What do caddisflies eat September 7

Once fully grown, caddisflies do not eat. Because these invertebrates only live for around a month after becoming an adult, they require very little food and only feed on liquids. Caddisflies live in bodies of freshwater, including lakes, swamps and

Where do house flies nest September 4

Improving sanitation and removing breeding sites help to eliminate the presence of house flies. Prevent flies from entering the house by keeping doors closed and replacing damaged screens on windows. Discourage flies from infesting by keeping indoor

Are crane flies venomous September 4

Crane flies look like oversized mosquitoes and can reach 60 millimeters in length. The larvae live either in wet and dry soils or in fresh or salt water. Many eat microflora, algae and decomposing organic matter, but some are predatory. Pest species

How are flies born July 29

Female flies lay an average of 900 eggs in a lifetime. Females lay the eggs in safe places, such as crevices and corners. Females also hide them in materials that provide sustenance for the young, including decaying matter. Flies emerge from the eggs

What attracts fruit flies July 29

Once a fruit fly colony is established, even removing fruit may not be enough to prevent them from breeding. Fruit flies can breed in slime or on old, sour mops and sponges. They can progress from egg to adult in eight days and live for a full 30 day

Do dragonflies sting July 29

While dragonflies do not sting, they can bite. Most dragonflies can't break the skin of humans, and if they do, it doesn't really hurt. Unless they are disturbed, dragonflies don't bite people. Dragonflies live in proximity to lakes, rivers or wet ar

What do midges eat July 29

Midges live near natural or man-made bodies of water. They're often confused with mosquitoes and are an important food source for fish. Midges are a nuisance to humans because of their tendency to cluster in large swarms and entice spiders. Midges ar

Do flies have brains July 29

The deutocerebrum controls the animal's antennae, and the tritocerebrum controls part of the fly's mouth parts. The tritocerebrum also allows the brain to communicate with the rest of the fly's central nervous system. Other bundles of nerves, beneath

Where do sand flies live July 28

Sand flies are tiny insects that cause painful bites, which produce welts that can last for several days. Sand flies are known to transmit several diseases and parasites, such as filarial worms, to humans and animals. These flies are most active at d

What attracts house flies July 28

Despite the name "housefly," this common insect is found indoors and outdoors all over the world. It's one of the most widely distributed insects and accounts for over 90 percent of all flies in human habitations. Houseflies are common on farms,

Why are flies attracted to light July 28

Flies and many other insects are disturbed by artificial lights. Lamps and light bulbs in particular can disorient insects and leave them vulnerable to predators. When an insect gets within close range of an artificial light source, it attempts to ke

How long do insects live July 28

Insects are one of the rare animals that can spend long periods in their developmental stages. Cicadae spend between 13 and 17 years in the ground developing as larvae, but when they emerge as adults, they live less than one month. Some species of lo

Why do gnats fly around my head July 28

Gnats are also attracted to moisture, light and fungus. People tend to notice gnats in well-lit areas due to the bugs being attracted to bright lights. Gnats also tend to spend time flying in the air at about the average height of a human. Sweat and

What is the life cycle of a fly July 28

The egg of the housefly is tiny and white. Over a 3- to 4-day period, a female fly lays as many as 500 eggs, with larger females producing more eggs. Females produce eggs best at temperatures between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Housefly eggs requir

How do you kill white flies July 28

Whiteflies are difficult to control in large numbers as they quickly build up resistance to pesticides quickly. Further, pesticides often destroy natural predators such as lacewings, big-eyed bugs, minute pirate bugs and lady beetles. Aluminum foil o

What are pecker gnats July 28

Gnats are insects that are part of the order Diptera, which contains more than 120,000 species. The Amateur Entomologists' Society states that gnats are flies and belong to the family Culicidae along with mosquitoes. Their identifying hum alerts thei

What do maggots eat July 28

What do maggots eat
Credit:Emma ForsbergCC-BY-2.0Maggots are the larval stages of adult flies. This stage of the fly life cycle usually lasts less than a week, with the maggot eating constantly and growing thro ...

How long do fruit flies live July 28

Under optimum conditions, fruit flies can live between 80 and 153 days, while fruit flies existing in crowded conditions only live about 12 days. Fruit flies go through four phases in their life cycle, which include egg, three larval stages, pupa and
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