What is a mangrove snapper September 11

What is a mangrove snapper
Mangrove snappers are very similar to the black snapper or Cubera snapper, and the two are often mistaken for each other, according to Wikipedia. The Cubera snapper is larger than the mangro ...

What is a spotted Raphael catfish September 11

Tolerant of most water conditions, the peaceful bottom feeder reaches a maximum size of 8 inches in captivity. The fish is nocturnal, preferring to burrow among soft river bottoms and plant cover in the wild. Also known as the "spotted talking catfis

Do fish eat seaweed September 11

Fish eat a variety of different things in the ocean. For some this includes seaweed. An example of a fish that eats seaweed is the marble parrotfish. It is found in tropical waters and eats things like algae and seagrass. Other fish that eat seaweed

What do suckerfish eat September 11

What do suckerfish eat
Suckerfish are better known as Pecos. There are hundreds of different species and while they all have a similar body shape, they vary in color. When kept in tanks, suckerfish come in handy f ...

What is the meaning of a koi fish September 11

In Japanese culture, the koi fish represents strength and perseverance. It is also called the "warrior's fish" and is sometimes associated with masculinity. Chinese and Korean traditions associate the koi fish with friendship and love. In each t

What do flounder eat September 10

Flounder have adapted a body shape and camouflage-ready color scheme that allow them to lie in wait on the ocean floor well concealed from potential prey. When prey moves within close range of the flounder's mouth, it strikes quickly. It's this ambus

What do bass eat September 10

The size of the bass determines how large of an animal or insect it can eat, with some larger bass able to swallow food that is up to 11 inches long. In general, bass primarily eat small insects until they reach a certain size, after which they switc

What is a list of predatory fish September 7

A predatory fish is a fish that primarily feeds on smaller fish. Many types of predatory fish can be kept in aquariums, such as hujeta gars, bucktooth tetras, piranhas, glassfish, and needlefish. Many people find predatory fish interesting because th

When do bass spawn September 7

The eggs hatch between three and six days after laying, depending on the temperature. The males guard the young fry for about two weeks after hatching. Many fisheries close during spawning season in order to maximize bass production. If males are cap

What is a leopard puffer fish September 3

What is a leopard puffer fish
The leopard puffer is a member of the sharp-nosed puffer family of fish. It requires a relatively large saltwater tank. It eats squid, krill, clams and hard-shelled shrimp. It is a peaceful ...

What is a wild Atlantic salmon September 3

What is a wild Atlantic salmon
This silver, streamlined fish reaches an average adult length of 28 to 30 inches and weighs from 8 to 12 pounds. Once abundant, as of 2014 the species is considered threatened due to issues ...

Is there a fish called the humuhumunukunukuapua September 3

Is there a fish called the humuhumunukunukuapua
The reef triggerfish grows to a length of 10 inches. It has a bright body of tan and yellow with dark bands and blue lips. It has powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Most often found in shallow c ...

What are freshwater angelfish September 3

What are freshwater angelfish
Angelfish seem to have more personality than other types of aquarium fish and show interest in their surroundings. However, they can be aggressive, especially when feeding and during the bre ...

What are baby fish called September 3

What are baby fish called
Larval fish, eggs and fry are also known as ichthyoplankton, which literally means "drifting fish," because they are largely incapable of directing their own motion. Instead, they ...
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