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How do you draw an airplane October 9

Draw the body and wingsDraw a long, cylindrical shape that becomes slightly larger at one end to create the plane's body. Draw a bump at the top of the larger end; this is the cockpit. Draw a wing on each side of the plane, angling them slightly towa

How is black paint made September 13

Many artists choose to make their own black paint instead of buying it, because it gives them greater control of the type of black they use. This black can be more intense or less so, ranging from soft to medium to very strong and bold. Creating blac

How do you draw a spider September 12

Draw ovals to represent the bodyDraw a squashed oval for the upper body of the spider. Below it, add a second oval for the abdomen. Make the abdomen the same width as the upper body, but slightly tapered at the bottom.Add four symmetrical pairs of le

How do you make a paint splat September 12

Prepare the surface Wash the surface with soap and water, and allow it to dry, making sure the surface is free of dust and debris. If you are painting walls, cover the floor and furniture with newspaper and drop-cloths. Paint the wall with tinted pri

How do you draw a compass rose September 11

Sketch out the eight directionsUse a heavy pencil or marker to make a + sign large enough to hold the compass rose. Use a ruler to make sure that the lines are perpendicular to one another. Draw a second + sign with lines between 1/2 and 3/4 the leng

What are some tips for learning to draw September 11

What are some tips for learning to draw
If drawings do not have any dark shadows it is because the pencil being used is too hard. Switching from a number 2 pencil to a B, 2B or 4B pencil can help achieve darker lines and shading. ...

How do you draw angels September 11

How do you draw angels
Draw the contour or shape of the angelBegin by drawing the head and the basic body shape of the angel. The body can be a simple triangle or more realistically shaped. Add the rough shape of ...
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