How do elephants show emotion September 11

How do elephants show emotion
Elephants are very expressive animals that are capable of feeling joy, anger, grief, compassion and love. Scientists have discovered through years of research that elephants have the ability ...

How many elephants are there in the world September 11

How many elephants are there in the world
Despite restrictions, the ivory trade still flourishes in many parts of the world. The organization WildAid reports that 30,000 elephants are killed every year for their tusks. Elephant popu ...

What sound does an elephant make September 11

Defenders of Wildlife says that this rumble travels quickly over the ground and that the elephants receive the messages through their feet and trunks. Social groups and potential mates communicate in this manner. Animal Fact Guide notes that elephant

How much does a baby elephant weigh at birth September 11

How much does a baby elephant weigh at birth
Having a baby is a relatively large commitment for elephants. These mammals already do not sleep much as they have to constantly roam around in order to find enough food to feed their massiv ...

What are the two species of elephants July 29

What are the two species of elephants
Credit:joSonStoneGetty ImagesAfrican elephants are generally taller and heavier than Asian elephants, and they have larger ears. African elephants have two finger-like projections on the end ...

How do elephants move July 29

Both the elephant's front and back legs alone are capable of supporting its weight, which can be up to 6.6 tons. Elephants can move forward or backward, but they cannot gallop or jump. They either walk or use a slightly faster pace that is slower tha

Where do rhinos come from July 29

The black rhino of Africa lives in dense woodlands and is mainly found in the south and west. The African white rhino lives in slightly more northern habitats, with some overlap. Both species may graze in the savanna, but white rhinos prefer the open

What do elephants look like July 29

There are two types of elephants: the African elephant and the Asian elephant. African elephants are heavier than Asian elephants: an African elephant weighs between 4.4 and 7.7 tonnes, while an Asian elephant weighs between 3.3 and 6.6 tonnes. The s

Do elephants have four knees July 28

The reasons animal biologists consider the elephant joints to be wrists is because elephants don't have separate hand and foot bones as humans do. An elephant's legs provide functionality similar to what humans get from the combination of their arms

How much do elephants eat July 28

How much do elephants eat
Credit:Manuel ROMARÍSMomentGetty ImagesLarge quantities of food are needed to sustain their massive bodies, which weigh 5,000 to 14,000 pounds. Elephants rarely sleep, and they graze in her ...

Why do people hunt elephants July 28

Africa is the most common destination for elephant hunters, with Congo topping the list of countries with the highest number of killed elephants. Poaching of elephants has been so severe that it has led them to be endangered. Hunting elephants is ill
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