What is a three phase power supply September 17

Generally, a three-phase power supply may or may not have the neutral wire. The exact method involved in this procedure is for the use of higher voltage at the same time as support for lower voltage situations with single-phase supply. Also, this thr

What are the types of electricity September 17

Static electricity is discharged when two opposite, imbalanced charges find a path to connect both groups and equalize the charges. This equalizing of charges can produce a spark or shock that can be felt, seen and/or heard. There are two kinds of cu

How does friction produce static electricity September 17

How does friction produce static electricity
When the right kinds of objects experience friction, the object that has a greater affinity for electrons takes some from the other object, which causes a charge imbalance. One of the object ...

How can I make static electricity September 17

How can I make static electricity
Static electricity happens through atoms. All matter, such as the glass rod and the silk cloth, are made up of atoms and atoms are made of charged particles. Atoms have neutrons, protons and ...

How does fruit conduct electricity September 17

The study of electricity and chemistry is known as electrochemistry and includes electrical conduction and production. The specific reaction that occurs in fruit that allows it to conduct electricity is an oxidation-reduction reaction, also known as

What is the purpose of a bifilar coil September 17

Resistors are a common component in modern electronic circuitry, and they are used for a variety of purposes, such as producing heat and regulating voltage. They are made of various materials, such as copper, nickel, tungsten and iron. Some resistors

What is faradic current September 17

According to Reference.com, the term "faradic" pertains to a discontinuous, alternating, asymmetric current from the secondary winding of an induction coil. The faradic or induction coil was discovered in 1831 by Faraday. The origin of the word

Does rubber conduct electricity September 17

Conductors of electricity such as metals all possess the quality of having free-flowing electrons in the outer shells of their component atoms that are not tied to any particular atom. These free electrons react when an electrical charge is applied b

How are current and voltage related September 17

How are current and voltage related
The lower the electrical resistance of an object, the more easily current can pass through it. The simplest equation is I = V/R, where V is voltage, R is resistance, and I is current. Even r ...

What is a moving coil galvanometer September 17

The galvanometer was once referred to as the moving coil electric current detector. If an electric current is present, it passes through the coil of the galvanometer and the coil experiences a torque proportionate to this current. This mechanism is m

How do you build batteries September 17

To make this simple version of a battery, you first need to open the can of soda and pour the contents into the cup. The cup of soda plays the role of the electrolyte in the battery. For the anode and the cathode, a copper strip and an aluminum strip

How do you change batteries safely September 17

How do you change batteries safely
Car batteries are heavy, with each one having roughly 24 pounds of lead. That is in addition to the acid and other components. The acid is the main concern because if it comes into contact w ...

What is LM741 September 17

According to Intersil's website, the LM741 is not recommended for new designs. The LM741 series offers improved performance over industry standards, such as the LM709. It offers overload protection on the input and output, freedom from oscillations a

What will moving electric charges interact with September 17

What will moving electric charges interact with
The interaction of a magnetic field on a moving charge is defined by the Lorentz Force Law. This equation shows that the force due to a magnetic field is proportional to the strength of the ...

What is the equation for voltage September 17

What is the equation for voltage
The SI unit for voltage is the volt or one joule per coulomb. Voltage is considered a scalar quantity, which means the measurement has no directional components, only magnitude. An alternate ...

What is a voltage follower September 17

The voltage follower gets its name from the way the output voltage directly follows the input voltage of the mechanism, which means that the output voltage is the same as the input voltage. For example, if 20 volts go through the amp as input, 20 vol
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