How do you build a TENS unit October 10

Draw a diagramDraw and print a diagram to help you in building the TENS unit. The diagram acts as a guiding tool when assembling all parts of the unit. Print the diagram, and indicate all alterations you wish to make to the unit components. Prepare t

How do you make a circuit board September 12

Prepare the wiresCut off a section of holiday lights. Leave 6 inches of wire at the two ends of the section. Strip the ends off the outermost part by a 1/2 inch on both ends. Cut the insulated wire into 7 12-inch sections. Strip the ends off each sec

How do you replace smoke alarm batteries September 12

How do you replace smoke alarm batteries
Locate the smoke detector and manufacturer's instructionsTo change the batteries in a smoke detector, first find the smoke detectors in the home. There should be at least one on each level o ...

How do you make a light bulb September 11

To do this project, 3 feet of copper wire, thin iron wire, a 1-inch nail, wire strippers, wire cutters, a glass jar with a cork stopper lid and a six-volt battery are necessary. The copper wire must be cut in half, and an inch of shielding must be re

How do you use a GE 24-hour timer September 10

Each segment around the outer edge of the timer represents 30 minutes. Hours between 0 a.m. and 0 p.m. appear on a black background just inside the segments; daylight hours appear on a white background. To override the timer, set the timer's ma

How can I locate underground power lines September 10

How can I locate underground power lines
Call 811When you call 811, your call is routed to a local call center. Make sure to call 811 several days before you start any project that requires digging. Tell the operator what type of d ...

What is an E-Z-Go wiring diagram September 10

E-Z-GO, a division of Textron, was founded in August, Ga. in 1954 and incorporated in 1960. The company manufactures golf cars and other light-duty vehicles for personal, commercial and industrial use. E-Z-GO golf cars include energy-efficient and en
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