What is Google Now September 4

Information provided by Google Now utilizes the user's current location and the time of day to be relevant. In addition to answering user-generated questions, Google Now proactively offers recommendations and information based on the user's search ha

What are the features of Microsoft Outlook 2007 July 30

Microsoft 2007 has an improved Instant Search feature that provides a quicker way to find information. This feature appears in the same place as the previous Outlook version, allowing forwarding of the search query to Windows Desktop Search. It has i

How do you register for a Yahoo account July 30

Go to the Yahoo sign-in pageOn the Yahoo homepage, click "Sign In" in the upper right corner. On the Sign In page, click the "Create New Account" button.Complete the registration formOn the Yahoo Registration page, complete the sign-up

How can you get paid to read emails July 30

When registering with the websites that pay recipients to read emails, you provide basic personal information so that the emails received pertain to your interests. Read the service terms of the websites carefully to check their terms and conditions,

Can you retrieve deleted email messages July 28

Retrieving email after its automatic deletion from the trash folder is more difficult, though some web clients are able to attempt to restore recently deleted email. For example, Yahoo Mail is sometimes able to restore emails that were deleted from t

How can I create a new Hotmail address July 28

Over 300 million people used Hotmail prior to the transition. Microsoft transitioned the addresses to Outlook.com over a six-week period in 2013, a transfer of 150 million gigabytes of data. Existing Hotmail users could choose to wait for an automati

Does the USPS offer free printable shipping labels for bulk mailings July 28

Does the USPS offer free printable shipping labels for bulk mailings
Credit:Tetra ImagesBrand X PicturesGetty ImagesMajor office supply retailers such as Staples offer broad selections of shipping labels. Many of these label products come in large packages th ...

What does archive mean in Gmail July 28

To archive an email, simple select the message by clicking the check box next to it. Then click the "Archive" button on the toolbar above the inbox list. When a message is deleted and not archived, it is sent to a trash folder where it stays for

How can I cancel my Yahoo account July 28

Once an account is deleted, the user will no longer have access to their Yahoo.com email, Yahoo messenger profile, Flickr account or personalized settings on their Yahoo homepage. When attempting to delete a Yahoo email account, the password will be

How do you make folders in Gmail July 28

Find and click Create New LabelLog into your Gmail account, and then look for More in the left side of the page. It should have an arrow pointing down next to it. Click More, then scroll down to find and click the Create New Label link. Create a labe

How do I access my email at btinternetcom July 28

When btinternet.com is entered as a website, a user is routed to the website home.bt.com. As of September 2014, there is a purple toolbar near the top of this page with a series of navigation buttons available. The rightmost button on this toolbar ca

Why can't I open my Rediff mail inbox July 28

If the user is unable to login to his account, he needs to click on the link named "Forgot Your Password?" Next, he must enter his username, click submit and provide necessary details about birthday and residence location. The final step is answ

How do I create my own e-mail address July 28

How do I create my own e-mail address
Credit:The Washington PostThe Washington PostGetty ImagesMost email providers require a first and last name, a user name and a password. Some email hosts let users select any characters they ...

Where can you find free email database lists July 28

EmailAddressesLists.com provides users with many comprehensive email database lists. It provides users with lists from many different countries and continents, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and India. The website also provides email d

How do you create a RocketMail account July 28

RocketMail offered free email accounts in the 1990s, but it was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997. For over a decade, Yahoo! allowed previous RocketMail account holders to continue using their existing accounts, but users were not permitted to create new Ro

Why are some emails returned or undeliverable July 28

Why are some emails returned or undeliverable
Credit:Sam EdwardsOJO ImagesGetty ImagesIf the sender is attempting to send a bulk email, it may be returned if too many email addresses are attached. Some email services limit the amount of ...
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