What are plant eating dinosaurs called July 28

Herbivorous dinosaurs first appeared during the Late Triassic period and died at the end of the Cretaceous period, which spanned from approximately 230 million to 65 million years ago, respectively. Herbivorous dinosaurs include such species as Stego

What did sabertooth tigers eat July 28

The sabertooth tiger was a cat species and the modern cats in the wild today are direct descendants of the sabertooth tiger. The sabertooth tiger is often remembered for its two long front teeth, however, researchers believe that it was the sabertoot

What happened to the dinosaurs July 28

According to the Alvarez Hypothesis, the extinction of the dinosaurs occurred as a result of a massive comet or meteor impact. One of the major pieces of evidence that supports this hypothesis is a layer of iridium found in clay that marks the bounda

How did dinosaurs die July 28

The asteroid impact theory suggests that dinosaurs died in a massive extinction as a result of a large asteroid hitting the planet. Evidence that supports this theory includes the presence of a metal called iridium in places where dinosaur fossils ha

What did the velociraptor eat July 28

The word velociraptor actually means speedy thief, so any animals that were not fast enough to get away were considered fair game. This dinosaur could grow up to 6.8 feet in length and was approximately 1.6 feet tall at the hips. It could travel at s

Did all dinosaurs lay eggs July 28

Scientists have long asserted that dinosaurs are the ancestors of modern birds, and like modern birds, female dinosaurs laid eggs after mating with a male. Following incubation, during which time the eggs may or may not have received direct parental

Where did the tyrannosaurus rex live July 28

Before the continents stood where they stand today, dinosaurs roamed around an island called Laramidia. Geological changes, including the rise of mountain ranges and the expansion of the sea, caused the tyrannosaurus rex to become enclosed in the are

When did the velociraptor become extinct July 28

When did the velociraptor become extinct
Credit:Andrew Bret WallisThe Image BankGetty ImagesThe K-T boundary is marked by a worldwide layer of iridium, which is found in asteroids. Below this layer, fossils from the Cretaceous are ...

Where did pterodactyls live July 28

The pterodactyl, whose formal name is pterodactylus, was a small flying reptile that had a wingspan a little over or under 2 feet. It was related to other flying reptiles such as pteranodon, dsungaripterus and the very large quetzalcoatlus. Like a bi

Did T-Rex dinosaurs have feathers July 28

Did T-Rex dinosaurs have feathers
Credit:Scott KinmartinCC-BY-2.0According to Science Magazine, there is increasing evidence that feathers were common in carnivorous dinosaurs and may have developed earlier than previously t ...
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