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How is a capsule endoscopy done October 23

Prior to the test, patients are typically required to forgo consuming foods and liquids for about 12 hours, the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy notes. The physician may also provide special instructions or arrangements if the patient

How do you prepare for a PSA test October 9

A doctor should be aware of all medications a person is taking prior to a PSA blood test because some drugs cause PSA levels to be falsely low, states MedlinePlus. The doctor evaluates the PSA test findings in relation to factors including age, ethni

What is a metabolic panel with eGFR September 16

A doctor may order a basic or comprehensive metabolic panel. The difference between basic and comprehensive tests is that a comprehensive metabolic panel tests for liver enzymes and a basic metabolic panel does not, according to WebMD. A doctor may r

What does a mass on the lung mean September 16

In addition to lung cancer, other cancers that show up as lung masses on imaging tests include sarcomas and lymphomas, and metastasized cancer from other parts of the body. Hamartomas -benign lung tumors- may appear as masses too, according to About.

How can you tell what rare marbles look like September 16

How can you tell what rare marbles look like
To determine a marble's authenticity and rarity, MarbleCollecting.com encourages collectors to submit photos and ask questions at online marble collecting forums. They also suggest contactin ...

What is RBC in blood work September 15

Red blood cells have a component called hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the body, states MedlinePlus. The number of red blood cells in the blood determines the amount of oxygen the body tissues get and how well they function. The normal range for

How can you print a medical diagram of the human body September 11

How can you print a medical diagram of the human body
ScienceKids provides access to anatomy maps of the anterior muscle and arterial systems, hand bone diagrams, human organ diagrams and male versus female anatomy maps. Simply click on an imag ...

What is the average cost for a MRI on an knee September 11

What is the average cost for a MRI on an knee
Costs for procedures such as knee MRIs can range, depending on the hospital. If possible, the patient should check around in the area, to make sure that they are getting a good price for the ...

What is ARP wave treatment September 5

ARPwave claims that using this form of treatment as a warm up before athletic activity enhances a participant's ability to absorb force, prevent injury and recover faster without pain or soreness. A variety of people have successfully used ARP wave t
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