How do you become a dental hygienist October 19

Aspiring dental hygienists must be trained in a variety of skills, including analyzing and screening patients, operating X-ray equipment, performing teeth and gum cleanings, and teaching basic dental hygiene to others. These skills can be acquired by

What happened to Gleem toothpaste October 9

Gleem toothpaste's popularity drastically decreased after the '50s and '60s, when it was just as common of a household name as Crest or Colgate. Gleem was so popular because it was one of the first toothpastes that contained no sugar. Even though Pro

How do you teach kids about hygiene October 9

Teach kids about germsExplain that germs can't be seen, but may make people sick. Use the last time they were sick as an example to encourage proper hygiene.Teach them how to cleanHands should be washed frequently with soap and warm water for at leas

What causes red spots in my mouth September 11

Canker sores are the most common causes of red spots in the mouth. They are ulcerated sores in the mouth caused by exposure to irritating foods, stress or other types of trauma, according to WebMD. Most canker sores disappear on their own.Vitamin def

Is oral thrush contagious September 11

Is oral thrush contagious
Because of this possibility, WebMD suggests adults refrain from kissing while thrush symptoms are present. Caution should also be taken with infants who have undeveloped immune systems, olde ...

What is the function of a root cap September 6

Almost all plants contain root caps. Root caps consists of masses of parenchymal cells. A root cap may be referred to as a calyptra. Statocytes in this tissue assist the plant in gravity perception as it is growing. There are some aquatic and parasit

How do you tell if you have a cavity September 3

The pain of a tooth cavity can be mild or severe, and many different factors can trigger it. Cavities generally cause pain when biting down, as the pressure of the bite briefly puts stress on the damaged tooth. Exposure to hot or cold substances, par

What are toothpicks made from September 3

What are toothpicks made from
Virgin white birch has traditionally been used to make toothpicks because it is odorless and stiff enough to provide leverage but not so stiff that it hurts the mouth. Toothpicks were discov ...

How many roots does a wisdom tooth have September 3

If wisdom teeth develop, they are usually fully formed by age 14. However, most do not start to break through the gums until a person is at least 17. Sometimes there is not enough room for wisdom teeth to erupt. In these cases, the teeth emerge only

Can a dentist write prescriptions September 3

Can a dentist write prescriptions
Dentists commonly prescribe corticosteroids to alleviate pain caused by tooth and gum problems. Dental anesthetics are prescribed to relieve irritation and pain caused by toothaches, sores i ...

What materials are required to make dentures September 3

What materials are required to make dentures
One primary restorative dental treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth is to wear dentures, which are customized dental prostheses designed to fit the individualized needs of p ...

Do braces hurt more than the spacers September 3

Not everyone who needs braces has spacers beforehand. After a week of having the spacers in place, the teeth are now ready for the braces. Installing the braces does not hurt. However, the pain and discomfort start when the orthodontist starts adjust

How many teeth do people have September 3

As baby teeth fall out, adult teeth move into place to fill the gaps where baby teeth were. These adult teeth continue to move into place until the last wisdom tooth is exposed. Many adults do not keep their wisdom teeth because they tend to crowd th

What is Snap-On Smile September 3

In addition to its lower cost, another benefit of Snap-On Smile over other methods of obtaining an improved smile is that the patient does not have to undergo any alterations in teeth structure before wearing Snap-On Smile, notes the company website.

What is the standard treatment for receding gums September 3

Receding gums develop when the gums pull back from the teeth and expose their root surfaces, according to Healthline. The condition usually affects adult men and women above the age of 40, with more men developing it than women. It usually expresses

What are shovel-shaped incisors September 3

What are shovel-shaped incisors
Sinodonty is characterized by several dental characteristics, including shovel-shaped incisors that are not aligned with the rest of the upper teeth. Often, people with sinodonty also have f ...

How do the elderly remove dentures September 3

After the dentures have been removed, the individual should use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean his gums, roof of the mouth, tongue and cheeks, according to Mayo Clinic. It's also best to brush food and plaque from the dentures at least once a da
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