What is a civil offense October 22

A common civil offense is contempt of court. These contempt charges often arise from family court systems where a parent is ordered to pay child support. If the parent ordered to pay child support does not do so, the other parent can petition the cou

Is slashing tires a crime September 14

Depending on the state, vandals may be charged with a variety of offenses for slashing someone's tires. These include malicious mischief, malicious trespass and criminal damage, states Other than jail time, fines and restitution, some of

How can you find crimes by ZIP code September 12

This particular tracking resource has not been cohesively complied to date. This may be due to the fact that police jurisdiction that report the crimes do not always follow zip code divisions. One zip code may have many police departments and one jur

What are some recent scams September 6

In this scam, a group used the name of the U.S. Government Grants Department to tell unsuspecting citizens that the government was going to give them a large grant, which would be tax free, notes the Washington Post. The reason for the grant was supp

Are black and red gang colors September 6

The Black Disciples are part of the Folk Nation alliance of street gangs in Chicago, though they have been known to engage in disputes with certain other gangs in the alliance. The gang is considered extremely violent and is known to engage in a vari

How do you report bank fraud September 3

To report Internet phishing scams, contact the Anti-phishing Working Group, a coalition of governments, global industry and law enforcement dedicated to prosecuting Internet crimes. Once you have contacted the proper authorities, file a complaint wit

How do you report fraud to the IRS September 3

There are many different forms that an individual can fill out to report fraud to the IRS. If Social Security fraud for employment purposes or to file taxes is suspected, download form 14039, fill it out and mail it to the appropriate office, reports

What are telephone scams September 3

What are telephone scams
The most common phone scams include offers for free or discount vacations, free trial offers for products, or requests for disaster relief from fake charitable organizations, states the FTC. ...

What is food stamp fraud September 3

The Department of Agriculture uses the latest technology to combat SNAP trafficking -the illegal sale of benefits for cash or ineligible items- to ensure the program is helping the families needing it most. A large team of analysts and investigators

Why did Al Capone go to prison September 3

Capone's career in organized crime began after he dropped out of school in the 6th grade. Prohibition created a thriving black market in alcohol distribution in which Capone quickly rose to power. His most notorious act of violence was the St. Valent

Why was Al Capone known as a modern day Robin Hood September 3

Why was Al Capone known as a modern day Robin Hood
Even though Capone was admired for his financial generosity and for his bootlegging activities, making alcohol more widely available during Prohibition, he was also a violent criminal who wa ...

What were the nicknames of famous gangsters September 3

What were the nicknames of famous gangsters
Vicent Gigante was nicknamed The Chin because of his mother's Italian pronunciation of his name, Vincenzo. He was a professional boxer, and his nickname when boxing was also The Chin. He pre ...

Would a convicted felon be allowed entry into Mexico September 3

Would a convicted felon be allowed entry into Mexico
Although a person may have a valid United States or other passport, Mexico authorities do not allow convicted felons to enter their country. Whether it is by plane, ship or any other means, ...

What is an estafa case September 3

In an estafa case, the second requirement is not relegated to physical injury alone. If the party loses money or property, an estafa case can be brought against the perpetrator in a court of law. The rules apply even if physical goods are not lost, b
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