What are Rock Revival jeans October 19

Rock Revival creates high-end jeans for men and women. It differentiates itself from other high-end jean manufacturers by its rock n' roll style detail work, including innovative wash treatments, flowing stitch lines and its iconic back pocket revers

What is the purpose of garter belts October 9

What is the purpose of garter belts
Garter belts began to replace girdles in the early to mid-20th century, as many women found girdles to be constraining and uncomfortable. In the later half of the century, garter belts were ...

What should you wear to a polo match September 15

What should you wear to a polo match
The type of clothes guests wear to a polo match depends on multiple factors, such as the social occasion, weather and access to the polo field. If the match is being played for charity purpo ...

Where do you buy Body Central clothing September 15

Body Central filed for federal bankruptcy in January 2015, resulting in the closure of all 265 of its retail stores as well as the redundancy of 2,500 employees. Prior to the final closing of its stores on a Sunday night, sales were made at all of it

How do you provide clothing for inmates September 15

Most facilities only allow inmates to wear outside clothing to trial or court appearances. During all other times, inmates may only wear clothing issued by the holding facility or purchased at the facility commissary. There may be exceptions to this

What is elegant resort dress code September 15

Another option for an elegant resort dress code is a linen or seersucker suit. Women can wear a pantsuit or a cocktail dress, as well as a nice top paired with Capri pants. Elegant resort dress code usually adheres to an upscale setting and differs f

How do you style combat boots September 15

Combat boots are great for taking summer dresses into the fall. Try pairing the boots with skinny jeans and a loose top for an effortless casual look. To look a bit edgier, pair combat boots with black tights or leggings, a black dress and motorcycle

What does the EVA midsole stand for September 15

What does the EVA midsole stand for
Using a closed cell foam such as EVA creates a cushioning effect as well as stability; the most important factors in a good midsole. Achieving better results than the alternative, polyuretha ...

What are some unique swimsuits September 14

Hong Kong swimsuit brand Hosa unveiled a $117,647 swimsuit for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The piece features Swarovski crystals glued to fabric in cubical patterns. The crystal-laden swimsuit is on display at the Olympic Museum in Switzerla

What is the Reebok logo and slogan September 14

What is the Reebok logo and slogan
Reebok started its logo with the Union Jack symbol and later added the red and blue vector it is most known for before switching to the logotype font symbol in 2008. The "I am what I am ...

What is the purpose of underwear September 14

Underwear can refer to any garments worn under an exterior layer of clothes but is most frequently used in American English as shorthand for garments that cover the genitalia, such as boxer shorts and panties. These garments are primarily worn for co
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