How do you clean an amethyst cathedral October 20

Check for tiny mineralsBefore soaking the amethyst cathedral, inspect the interior for sand-sized minerals, such as geothite, millerite or kaolinite. If they are loose, shake them out. However, if they are fused to the inside of the geode, they may b

How do I eliminate static cling October 20

Static clean is most common in dry environments. Increasing humidity levels can make it less likely to occur.Prevent static cling in the dryerThe easiest way to prevent static cling is to use dryer balls or dryer sheets in the clothes dryer. This pre

How do you iron felt fabric October 19

Prepare the materialAdjust the iron to low, wool setting, then preheat it. Spread the fabric on the ironing board, and smooth out the creases.Iron the fabricBegin from the left of the fabric, and move the iron towards the right. To avoid scorching th

How do you iron a pair of pants October 19

Begin with the pocketsTurn the pants so the pockets are on the outside. Place the pockets flat on the ironing board, and press them with the iron.Press the fly, seams and hemsUse the iron to press the fly of the pants. Next, iron the seams and hems o

How do I remove Tipp-Ex from wood October 18

If, after scraping, there is still residual Tipp-Ex visible on the wood, try using vinegar to try to remove the rest. There are commercially available Tipp-Ex solvents and Tipp-Ex stain removers, but great care should be used with these chemicals. Th

How do you wash a chenille blanket October 17

Hand wash the chenile blanketFill a sink or bowl with warm water and add a gentle detergent. Agitate the water slightly with your hand to mix in the soap. Add the blanket, and swish it gently through the water. Do not rub the fabric together as that

How do you bleach dark blue jeans October 17

Prepare for bleach splashesWear old clothing so that bleach splashes are not an issue. Place newspapers on the floor near the washer and dryer in case of spills, and place the chosen container on top of this layer.Prepare the bleach solutionFill the

How to wash a cotton comforter October 17

If the comforter is only lightly soiled, place it in the washing machine along with laundry detergent, and set the machine on the gentle cycle. Fill the machine with cold or warm water, according to House Guides. Gentle washing in the coldest water s

How can you use liquid laundry starch October 17

Dilute the liquid starchFor heavy starch, mix equal portions of liquid starch and water in the spray bottle. Mix one part liquid starch to two parts water if you find this concentration too heavy.Spray the fabricSpray the fabric with starch. Give the

What is Martinizing dry cleaning October 17

Martinizing maintains a strong reputation for quality dry cleaning service, and franchisees collectively serve millions of customers each day. The original name of the company was One Hour Martinizing, which denoted the business' emphasis on rapid dr

How do you remove motor oil stains October 17

Absorb excess oilSpread inexpensive clay kitty litter on top of the oil, and allow it to sit overnight to absorb oil on the surface. Remove the litter from the concrete, and dispose of it in an appropriate manner.Scrub away the stainAfter removing th

What can be used in place of softener in the wash for people with allergies October 16

What can be used in place of softener in the wash for people with allergies
Dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners contain potentially harmful ingredients, according to HowStuffWorks. Benzyl acetate is linked to pancreatic cancer, while benzyl alcohol is considere ...

Should white clothing be washed in hot or cold water October 10

Should white clothing be washed in hot or cold water
Regardless of color, laundry should be sorted based on the manufacturer's instructions. Most washable items have a tag with these instructions, which include information on optimal water tem ...

How do you get oil out of carpet October 10

Soak up the oilUse an absorbent material to soak up the stain. Sprinkle kitty litter, baking soda or sawdust on top of the oil. If you do not have access to these materials, lay a stack of paper towels on top of the stain to absorb it. Leave the mate

What are the ingredients in homemade Drano October 8

What are the ingredients in homemade Drano
To unclog a drain using baking soda and vinegar, pour half a cup of baking soda into the clogged drain. If there is a non-removable plug in the way, force the baking soda around it. After th ...

What are neutral pH cleaners October 8

Alkaline solutions with a pH of 7 or greater are useful for cleaning oil, protein and dirt. Acidic solutions with a pH of 0 to 7 are useful for cleaning minerals, calcium and rust. Solutions that are highly acidic or highly alkaline can irritate skin

What is the best laminate floor cleaner October 8

What is the best laminate floor cleaner recommends sweeping and using liquid cleaners only if absolutely necessary. When a broom does not clean thoroughly enough, a vacuum attachment can suck up dirt from crevices. In so ...
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