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What material is the best conductor of heat October 23

Other efficient conductors of heat include gold, tungsten, platinum and osmium. Elements that have a low density, and therefore are poor conductors of heat, include hydrogen, lithium, helium and nitrogen. Elements with very low and very high specific

What are types of chromatography October 12

Adsorption and partition chromatography are the oldest methods of chromatography. They work by adding a solution to the substance that causes a chemical reaction resulting in separation. Molecular exclusion chromatography work by passing the substanc

What is the formula for magnesium nitrite September 14

The numbers in the formula indicate the number of atoms of each element present in the compound. They are usually written in subscript. The number after the parenthesis applies to all the elements inside it. If there is no number after an element, th

What is an organic chemistry model kit September 14

The models are especially important for students of organic chemistry who are typically encouraged to think of molecules as three-dimensional structures. For this reason, many chemistry professors prefer traditional model kits to computer programs an

What is simple distillation September 8

The distillation process is said to have originated from the ancient Arab chemists around 3500 B.C.E. These early scientists used the technique to separate the components of perfume. In modern times, this process typically involves a distillation app

What is the principle of the biuret test September 8

To perform the test, potassium or sodium hydroxide at a 1 percent strong base go onto the sample along with about three to four drops of aqueous copper sulfate. A protein is present if the solution turns purple. Scientists can determine five to 160 m

What is the purpose of recrystallization September 8

Recrystallization, also called fractional crystallization, is a process that involves dissolving an impure compound in a solvent at a high temperature to create a concentrated solution and then cooling the solution slowly. The drop in temperature dec

What are some uses for argon gas September 6

Argon is a noble gas which under normal circumstances doesn't react with any other element. This is why it's used as a shield gas during welding. Its use protects the metal that's being worked on from the oxygen in the air. When argon is excited by a

What is the function of the barrel on a Bunsen burner September 3

What is the function of the barrel on a Bunsen burner
A Bunsen burner is a common piece of laboratory equipment that produces a single open-gas flame that can be used for various purposes, including heating, sterilization and combustion. The ga ...

What is an open-tube manometer July 29

Mercury is a commonly used manometric fluid. A difference in the heights of the mercury levels indicates the pressure difference in relation to atmospheric pressure. For example, if the pressure of the gas being measured is greater than atmospheric p

What are pipettes used for July 29

What are pipettes used for
Credit:Maciej Toporowicz, NYCMomentGetty ImagesThe pipette is most commonly used in medicine, biology and chemistry to transport exact volumes of chemicals or medicine when accurate measurem ...

How does the squeaky pop test work July 29

As the reaction between the metal and acid occur, the hydrogen gas can be seen bubbling up from the acid. First, a test tube is placed upright, then metal and acid are added to the tube. Next, a second test tube is placed in an upside down position o

What is a micropipette used for July 29

What is a micropipette used for
Credit:USFWSmidwestCC-BY 2.0Many modern micropipettes have a digital display in the side of the barrel to indicate the volume amount set by the volume control. A disposable tip is replaced a ...
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