What is a California spangled cat October 10

California spangled cats have long, lean, muscular bodies; almond-shaped eyes; ears set back from the face; and sculpted cheekbones. This gives them their traditional wild appearance. Coat colors include charcoal, black, silver, bronze, gold, brown,

Why do cats lick plastic October 10

Plastic bags that once contained food, such as those from restaurants and grocery stores, may attract the cat and encourage licking due to the smell remaining in the plastic. The crinkling of the bag as the cat plays with it and licks it can resemble

When is it safe to touch newborn kittens October 10

When is it safe to touch newborn kittens
Kittens can be safely socialized in their second week of life. Socializing is accomplished by handling the kittens for a limited amount of time per day. Pet the kitten or by simply hold it n ...

Do cats really have nine lives October 9

The myth of cats having nine lives is said to have come from Egyptian mythology, in which the god Atum-Ra was said to have visited the earth in the form of a cat to visit the underworld. As Atum-Ra gave birth to nine other gods, known collectively as

What is the best kitty litter box October 9

What is the best kitty litter box
If you do not have a good place to hide the kitty litter box from high-traffic areas of your home, the best kitty litter box for you is likely one that can be disguised as an end table or pl ...

Are cats smart October 8

These two divided areas also allow the cat to manipulate its environment. Cats also have strong memory skills and have both short-term and long-term memory. The cat's memory shapes the way that the cat learns. As a kitten, playing with other kittens

What are some cool cat toys September 12

Most cats love corrugated cardboard boxes and paper bags as aids to games of hide-and-seek. They also like clawing at these objects. They will happily bat and chase balls of crinkled paper, aluminum foil or plastic, but balls must be too large to swa

What are some good places to look for free kittens September 12

What are some good places to look for free kittens
Anyone adopting a kitten should be sure to ask if it's had any shots or veterinary examinations. If the individual giving away the kittens has not taken them to see a vet for introductory ca ...

Are orange and white kittens common September 12

Are orange and white kittens common
Orange male cats are more common than orange female cats. The orange gene is carried on the X chromosome, of which males have one. Female cats have two X chromosomes. The male cat only needs ...

How do you use a cat age converter September 12

How do you use a cat age converter
As with humans, the life expectancy of any particular cat depends on the health of the individual. A cat that eats a healthy diet and gets sufficient exercise usually outlives one who become ...

How do you tell if your cat loves you September 12

When a cat rubs against a person or object, it is rubbing its scent gland on someone or something it claims as its own, meaning that a person has a certain importance in the cat's life. Cats also share long stares and slow blinks with their owners. A

Do lost cats find their way home September 12

Do lost cats find their way home
One cat, Holly, found her way back to her own neighborhood after a trek that lasted 60 days and covered 190 miles. Nonetheless, it is not wise to count on a lost cat being able to find its w ...

What is a long-haired tabby September 12

There are four types of tabby patterns: classic, mackerel (striped), spotted and agouti (ticked). These patterns are accepted by a number of purebred cat breeds as their standard and are acceptable for show cats. A few long-haired breeds hat often fe

Why are cats so cute September 12

Cuteness (primarily identified by large heads, big, round eyes and tiny noses) is evolution's method for insuring that an adult takes proper care of its offspring. The human mind latches on to cute qualities in many species, from human babies to kitt

What is a Balinese cat September 12

What is a Balinese cat
Balinese cats have gentle, loving personalities and are very playful. They are not as vocal as Siamese cats. The Balinese is a medium-sized breed, with males weighing from 6 to 8 pounds and ...

How long do Siamese cats live September 12

Siamese cats are considered one of the healthier breeds out there, but they still have their share of hereditary illnesses. In particular, the wedge-shaped head called for by the breed standard encourages respiratory illnesses and dental problems tha

What are miniature cat breeds September 11

What are miniature cat breeds
There are small cats, dwarf cats and miniature cats. These "pocket" or "toy" cats should be selectively bred. A good breeder needs to take special care of their health, a ...
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