How does a sluice gate work October 10

Common locations for sluice gates are rivers, canals and creeks. Sewage treatment plants, mines, mills and refineries also employ this technology. There are several styles of sluice gates. Flap gates are vertical, automated and rely on pressure senso

How do you remove a wall shelf October 10

Clear and remove the shelfTake everything off the shelf you want to remove. If possible, lift the shelf up and away from the brackets. If the shelf is attached to the bracket, remove the screws and disconnect the shelf from the bracket. Remove the sh

How do you build a safe room October 10

Find the best locationThe best location for a safe room varies depending on whether it is used for protection against natural elements or against intruders. For weather protection, the best options are either underground or on the ground floor agains

How do you make cabinet doors October 9

Measure the cabinet holesTake precise measurements of each cabinet opening, and determine if cabinet opening is square. If an opening is not perfectly square, add 1/8 inch to the measurement for that door. Cut the woodRip the wood pieces down to the

How do you find wall studs September 16

After one wall stud is found, it is easy to locate other studs by measuring 16 or 24 inches in either direction, as this is standard spacing for them. Knocking on the wall can also help find studs. Hollow sounds generally mean there is no stud, where

How do you build a kitchen island September 12

How do you build a kitchen island
Begin the project by assembling the base cabinets according to the manufacturer's directions. Build the box for the toe-kick using four 1x4s so that it has an outside measurement of 21 inche ...

How do you build a cold room September 12

Ideal position is in a basement corner with two external walls. Insulate the ceiling and interior walls but leave the exterior walls uninsulated and unfinished. This allows the moisture from the soil to seep into the room, which in turn contributes t

Should you remove old wallpaper before applying new wallpaper September 11

Should you remove old wallpaper before applying new wallpaper
For old wallpaper that looks good, recommends cleaning with trisodium phosphate before it is wallpapered over. Damaged or greasy wallpaper can be removed by getting the edges wet a ...

How are roofing costs estimated September 11

One of the most essential factors used to estimate roofing costs is the overall size of the roof. Roofers usually charge by roofing square, and a hundred square foot area is the same as one roofing square. The roof's slope is also used to determine h

How do you install roofing valleys September 11

In order to install closed-cut roofing valleys:Mark the nail lineMark the nail line 2 feet to the left from the center of the valley.Create a guide linePlace one shingle at the bottom of the valley with one edge touching the nail line. Mark the top o

What are the best roofing shingles September 11

What are the best roofing shingles
The low upfront costs and ease of installation have made asphalt shingles perhaps the most common roofing option in North America. There are two main types: organic and fiberglass. Organic s ...

How do I fill holes in my wall September 11

Repair small holesFill the hole with a small amount of joint compound, using the putty knife to feather the edges of the patch. Sand the patched area so it's smooth with the surrounding surface. Use touch-up paint to cover the patch so it is no longe
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