What is the legal age for getting a tattoo in Canada September 14

There is no nationwide code for tattoo parlors to follow in Canada, according to CBC News. The province of British Columbia recommends that minors should obtain parental consent before getting a tattoo, but many tattoo parlors disregard this. The Cap

What has David Suzuki done for Canada September 14

David Suzuki was born in Vancouver on March 24, 1936 to Japanese parents. He received his bachelor's degree in biology from Amherst College in Massachusetts and a doctorate in zoology from the University of Chicago. He immediately had an interest in

Is there a do-not-call registry in Canada September 13

Any number can be registered and added to the National Do Not Call List, even fax numbers. It can take up to a month for the new number to be processed with telemarketers. Organizations that are not considered telemarketers may still call numbers tha

Where is Sault Ste Marie located September 13

Where is Sault Ste Marie located
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, is located along the southern bank of the St. Mary's River, which connects Lake Superior and Lake Huron. It is part of the state's Upper Peninsula region. Sault S ...

How can you find Toronto, Canada ZIP codes online September 13

Canadian postal codes are in an alphanumeric format; for example, M4B 1B3 is one of numerous Toronto postal codes. British and Dutch postcodes use a similar alphanumeric format. The first three digits of the postal code represent the forward sorting

Why does Quebec want to separate from Canada September 13

Why does Quebec want to separate from Canada
The Parti Québécois has long led the fight for separation of the French-speaking part of Canada from the rest of the country. The division between Quebec and the rest of the country is roote ...

What does Canada import from other countries September 12

What does Canada import from other countries
Canada's largest trading partner is the United States, which accounts for roughly half of the country's trade (both import and export). Several agreements have helped increase trade between ...

What is the elevation in Calgary September 11

What is the elevation in Calgary
Calgary was initially established in 1875 and was incorporated as a city in 1894. It is the largest city of Alberta, surpassing the size of Edmonton, the capital of the province. Calgary has ...

What are the physical characteristics of the Canadian Shield September 11

What are the physical characteristics of the Canadian Shield
The eastern part of Tuktut Nogait National Park typifies the Canadian Shield. Glacier action left behind eskers, drumlins and deposits of glacial till. Rugged hills with many lakes and river ...

What mountain ranges are in Canada September 11

The Canadian portion of the Appalachian Mountains are primarily rolling hills. This range is located in the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.The Canada Cordillera begins at the Pacific Ocean and ends with the Rocky Mountains. It is

What are some of the human characteristics of Canada September 11

From a geographic perspective, human characteristics are any characteristics that form as a direct result of human activity, as opposed to natural characteristics formed as a result of geological, atmospheric or biological processes.Many Canadian hum

What countries border Canada September 3

What countries border Canada
At 5,525 miles long, the Canada-United States border is the longest land border in the world. Although there are officially staffed border crossings, the two countries are peaceful neighbors ...

What province is Toronto in September 3

What province is Toronto in
Toronto is often mistaken as the capital of Canada, but it is another Ontario city, Ottawa, that holds the distinction. Toronto is located along the north shore of Lake Ontario. It is famous ...

Why is Canada Day celebrated September 3

Why is Canada Day celebrated
Canada Day is frequently referred to as Canada's birthday, much like the United States considers the Fourth of the July as its birthday. Despite Canada becoming a country, the British parlia ...

What is the national bird of Canada September 3

What is the national bird of Canada
Many in the country consider the loon to be the unofficial national bird, because it is featured on the Canadian dollar coin. In fact, the common loon was adopted as the official provincial ...

Which three oceans surround Canada September 3

Which three oceans surround Canada
The planet currently has five defined oceans. An ocean is a large body of sea water. The largest ocean by far is the Pacific Ocean, which covers the area west of North America and east of As ...

On which continent is Mount Everest September 3

On which continent is Mount Everest
The Himalayas are the tallest mountain range in the world and are found across the countries of China, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bhutan and Afghanistan. The peak of Mount Everest is 29,035 fee ...

What is the biggest province in Canada August 3

Quebec is located in the eastern region of Canada. It borders the provinces of New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador to its east and Ontario to its west. Quebec covers an area extending 1,242 miles from the border with the United States to the

What municipalities are in Canada's Region of Peel August 3

Also referred to as the Peel Region, it has a total surface area of 1,246 square kilometers with a population of 1.29 million people, according to the 2011 census. Out of this population, 713, 443 people were living in Mississauga and 523,911 people
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