Bodies of Water

How do bodies of water affect climate September 12

How do bodies of water affect climate
In addition to size, the number and type of water bodies in a given area affects climate. Other factors, such as wind currents and proximity to water, affect conditions as well. Latitude pla ...

What rivers flow backwards September 12

Mental Floss reports that early settlers in the Chicago area called upon an engineer to assist them in reversing the flow of the Chicago River once they realized that the waste they were dumping into the river was making its way to Lake Michigan, whi

Where is the Gulf Stream located September 11

Where is the Gulf Stream located
The Gulf Stream is an example of a western-boundary current, which can be found on the western side of each of the major ocean basins. The two Northern Hemisphere western-boundary currents, ...

Why is the Huang He River called China's Sorrow September 11

Why is the Huang He River called China's Sorrow
The Huang He River's distinctive yellow color is provided by its enormous sediment load, which causes the river's bottom to rise every year. Although the government attempts to control its c ...

What are the four oceans on Earth September 11

What are the four oceans on Earth
The Pacific Ocean flows between Asia and Australia on the west and North and South America on the east. The Atlantic Ocean lies between the Americas and Europe and Africa. Both the Pacific a ...

What is the depth of the Atlantic Ocean September 10

The Atlantic Ocean, second only to the Pacific Ocean in terms of size, encompasses around 20 percent of the planet's ocean waters. It is geographically divided into the North Atlantic and South Atlantic oceans by the equator.The Puerto Rico Trench co

What is a wave-cut notch September 10

The formation of a wave-cut notch is part of the cycle of cliff erosion. A cliff along a coastal region develops from the mechanical breakdown of rocks, such as sand, clay or chalk, due to varied weather conditions. When the base of an outcropping is

What is the Atlantic Ocean's temperature September 10

The ocean's temperature varies based on season, latitude and current systems. It also corresponds with the solar energy's latitudinal spread. North of the equator, the temperatures are at their maximum. Polar areas have minimum temperatures. In betwe

Which two bodies of water surround Puerto Rico September 8

Which two bodies of water surround Puerto Rico
As a volcanic island the size of Connecticut, mountains cover most of Puerto Rico, particularly down the middle of the island. However, the north side of the island has tropical rainforests ...

What is a headland in geography September 8

Headlands also describe the land that juts out into bays. Examples of headlands include Cape Canaveral in Florida, Diamond Head in Hawaii, the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, Cape Hope at the southern tip of South America, Land's End in Cornwall,

Who publishes maps of the lakes of Texas September 8

The Wildlife and Parks Department maps are sorted by region, such as Panhandle Plains and Big Bend Country. The Texas Water Development Board provides a state-wide map with links for more information on lakes and reservoirs. These links are sorted al

What is the largest ocean September 7

The ocean's boundaries extend from the Arctic Ocean in the north to Antarctica in the south, and the ocean extends eastward to the Americas and westward to Australia and Asia. The equator subdivides the ocean into the North Pacific and South Pacific.

What is the biggest ocean in the world September 7

What is the biggest ocean in the world
The second largest ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, has an area of 31.8 million square miles, or 82.4 million square kilometers, roughly half of the size of the Pacific. The Pacific Ocean received ...

What are natural sources of water September 6

What are natural sources of water
These natural sources of water supply most of the water for the planet. Precipitation replenishes underground and surface water supplies and is a key part of the water cycle. Underground wat ...

What are the types of water waves September 6

Waves are also categorized according to how they break the water's surface, which include plunging breakers, spilling breakers and surging breakers. The types of wind-induced waves are capillary waves, whose motion is changed by the water's surface t

Where is the Caribbean Sea located September 3

Where is the Caribbean Sea located
The Caribbean Sea is bounded by the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and Central America, Cuba, Lesser Antilles, and the north coast of South America. The general term "Caribbean" refer ...
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