What element has 47 protons in its nucleus October 23

Elemental silver is part of the transitional metals group in the periodic table and is situated next to palladium and cadmium at 46 and 48 protons, respectively. Silver has anywhere from 58 to 64 neutrons and 47 electrons. The atomic weight of silver

What is DNA methylation October 22

DNA methylation occurs at the cytosine bases of eukaryotic DNA. If DNA methylation has an error, it can lead to various diseases. Research shows the link between DNA methylation and cancer, lupus, muscular dystrophy and various birth defects. More re

How does a zygote form October 20

How does a zygote form
There are two types of nuclear cell division: mitosis and meiosis. During the process of mitosis, DNA molecules condense and form long strands of chromosomes. The molecules replicate themsel ...

How does cytokinesis occur in most animal cells October 13

Cytokinesis is an essential part of the cell division process because it ensures that the nucleus is divided evenly between the daughter and parent cell. In animal cells, cytokinesis begins as a ring of protein filaments that develops under the plasm

What is a non-living thing composed of cells October 10

Living things are composed of the same chemical elements as non-living things, but all living organisms have cells in common. When a living thing is composed of more than one cell, it is referred to as multicellular. Cells arranged together in a cert

Can you bring back an extinct species October 10

You might compare de-extinction to the movie Jurassic Park. Samples of DNA are saved from an extinct species, and that DNA is used to clone a new animal. In 2003, scientists tried to de-extinct a Pyrenean ibex by using mountain goats as surrogate mot

What is plant biotechnology October 9

One type of plant biotechnology is transgenic biotechnology, which essentially involves exchanging plant genes to create a superior hybrid species. This type of biotechnology involves growing tissue cultures to develop unique new plants. The new spec

What are the different kinds of mint plants October 9

Spearmint is native to the Mediterranean and was given as a symbol of hospitality and wisdom. The Romans brought the plant to their colonies in Britain, and English colonials brought the plant to North America. Spearmint gets its classically minty ar

Why do the leaves on a citrus tree curl October 9

Why do the leaves on a citrus tree curl
Other insects that feed on citrus tree fruits include mites and aphids. These insects suck juices from the leaves effecting the growth of the leaves. Overwatering also causes the leaves to c ...

What is a purple velvet plant October 9

What is a purple velvet plant
The purple velvet plant is native to Java and can only thrive outdoors in hardiness zones 10 to 12. It grows between 1 to 2 feet tall and has a spread of around 2 to 4 feet. The plant needs ...

What are the visible changes in the woodlands October 9

Woodland areas house an abundance of animal and plant life, including wild cats, elk and, in ancient times, oxen. Woodlands act as a physical buffer to high-force winds, and tree roots prevent erosion. As woodlands recede, the ground becomes unstable

What plants have edible stems October 9

There are many plants where the primary source of food is the stem. For example, the celery stem or stalk is the most common part of the vegetable that people eat, although both the bulb and the seeds are edible as well. The red rhubarb stalk is also

What is a makabuhay plant October 9

Used as traditional medicine for thousands of years, makabuhay has been used to treat common ailments such as arthritis and some forms of cancer. It is often combined with other plant derivatives such as coconut oil to topically treat issues such as

What is the Philippine narra tree October 9

The hardwood of the narra tree is red with a sweet rose scent and good termite resistance, and it is often used for cabinets, furniture and musical instruments. The wood is durable in seawater, making it an important material for building canoes and

How are sycamore seeds dispersed October 9

In order for plants to start new colonies, they spread their seeds through a process called seed dispersal. Dispersal can take place through a number of ways including by the aid of animals, water, birds, wind and explosion.Sycamore seeds are usually

What tree does softwood come from October 9

Douglas fir, a softwood, is a common wood used in framing homes. While it is technically a softwood, this type of fir is harder and stronger than many hardwoods. It commonly grows with other conifers, including other firs, spruces and pines. Bald cyp

Do tulips multiply October 9

The National Gardening Association recommends planting a minimum of 100 bulbs for a 12-square-foot garden to achieve a vivid burst of color. Leaving blooms attached after they have faded allows the seeds to spread, which assists the bulb's natural te

What is endosperm October 9

Encyclopedia Britanica states that the induction of endosperm necessitates the bond of at least one nucleus in the embryo sac with a sperm nucleus from the pollen grain. The process of endosperm varies from types of angiosperms. For example, in seeds

What does dopamine do October 8

Dopamine also has many medical effects. The neurotransmitter is found in greatest concentration in the substania nigra in the brain. It is here that many neurons containing dopamine are clustered together to help the brain process many types of stimu
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