What do sun bears eat September 11

Sun bears exploit a variety of food sources, and because they are able to attain sufficient nutrition year-round, they do not hibernate. Periodically, the plants in their tropical forest habitats produce an abundance of fruits. During these abundant

How long do bears live September 11

How long do bears live
The oldest known black bear to die of natural causes in the wild was 39 years old, but bears in captivity often live into their 30s. The life expectancy of polar bears living in the wild is ...

Can a bear outrun a horse September 11

Westerly winds are one of several types of winds that form at various latitudes and geographical regions around the world. Closer to the equator, prevailing winds are referred to as doldrums and are generally much less forceful than westerly winds. T

What are the predators of polar bears September 11

Humans have also hunted polar bears for thousands of years, whether for food, fur or ritual. Despite government regulation and outright bans in Norway and some parts of Russia, hunting by humans is the primary cause of polar bear deaths. Reasons for

What are the prey and predators of black bears September 11

What are the prey and predators of black bears
Because of their size, black bears have no wild animal predators. Essentially, they are at the top of the food chain. Despite this, black bears must contend with human-caused habitat reducti ...

How strong is a grizzly bear September 11

In one test, a 700 pound dumpster that required two people to tip it over could be rolled around like a beach ball by a single grizzly bear. Grizzly bears can sprint at up to 40 miles per hour. A grizzly bear can weigh up to 800 pounds and live 20 to

How many toes does a bear have September 10

Black bears are the smallest and most common American bears. Although the grizzly bear is state animal of California, the black bear is the only bear found in the wild in that state. Black bears are generally nocturnal animals, but they are sometimes

What do spirit bears eat September 10

Spirit bears, also called Kermode bears, mainly inhabit a number of islands off the coast of British Columbia, especially Princess Royal Island and Gribbell Island, as well as a stretch of coast from southeast Alaska to the mainland border of the Uni

What are polar bears' predators September 4

Although Inuit people consume polar bear meat and use bear fur, the greatest threat humans pose to polar bears comes from habitat destruction. Male polar bears sometimes eat baby polar bears for unknown reasons to scientists. Only 42 percent of polar

How big was the tallest recorded bear September 4

The skeleton of the prehistoric South American short-faced bear was discovered in Buenos Aires Province in Argentina in 1935. The bear's upper arm bone was nearly as big as that of an elephant, and he was though to be the world's largest and most pow

What is an albino black bear July 29

The Kermode bears, also known as spirit bears and ghost bears, live along the coast of British Columbia and are commonly mistaken for albino black bears. The color of the bears is genetically determined and is suspected to be an ancient mutation that

How do koalas get water July 28

Koalas live a sedentary lifestyle that limits their need for water. Their diet requires they sleep most of the time in order to digest their food. On warm days, they seek the shade of lower branches near the trunk of the tree, but if the weather is c

Do grizzly bears hibernate July 28

Do grizzly bears hibernate
Credit:DouglasMcCartneyPhotographyMoment OpenGetty ImagesDuring hibernation, a grizzly's heart rate slows, its need to eliminate wastes stops, and it sleeps. A previously-mated female grizzl ...

Are bears part of the pig family July 28

Although bears and pigs do not share the same family, they do have a few similarities. For instance, they both have broad molars used to crush food, and they both use mud to maintain their body temperatures. Scientists classify the males as boars and

What do bears eat July 28

Vegetation and insects are commonly eaten by bears because they can be found in a variety of habitats, but fish and meat are important for protein intake. Bears that don't live near a coast tend to rely on the decaying flesh of dead animals, but many
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