Atoms & Molecules

Is helium reactive October 22

Is helium reactive
Helium is a gas that belongs to the noble gas family. It is colorless and has the chemical symbol He. This element has a low boiling point of -268.93 degrees Celsius and a melting point of - ...

Is I2 polar or nonpolar October 18

All atoms have a certain electronegativity value associated with them that describes how much they pull a bonded pair of electrons towards themselves in a covalent bond. When a covalent bond is formed between two atoms through the sharing of electron

What is 2-methylpropene October 16

Isobutylene has a range of industrial uses. For example, it is used to produce isooctane, a fuel additive, by reacting with butane. It can also be polymerized to produce polyisobutylene, a type of synthetic rubber. Isobutylene is industrially produce

What are some uses of carbon September 17

Carbon has many more uses that are less commonly known. Carbon polymers are what comprise plastics. Carbon is used to form carbon dioxide, which is used in many drinks to give them their fuzzy and bubbly appearance and taste. Carbon paper is made fro

Is carbon reactive September 17

Carbon has many different forms such as the graphite used in pencils, coal and diamonds. It is the sixth most common element in the universe and the second most common element in the human body. It occurs in minerals such as the carbonates of calcium

Where can you find information on atoms September 17

Where can you find information on atoms
The periodic table lists the atomic number, element symbol, the average weight of the atom and its atomic mass. Periodic tables are available from many sources including the Annenberg Learne ...

Is O2 a compound September 16

H2O is an example of a compound, meeting all of the criteria. It contains two elements: hydrogen and oxygen. H2O has different properties than the two elements it consists of, so it is a pure substance. The elements cannot be separated by physical me
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