What is the weather like on Mercury September 11

The extremes of temperature seen on Mercury are the result of the lack of atmosphere. What little atmosphere Mercury has is made up of oxygen, sodium, helium, hydrogen and potassium. It is simply too small to have the gravity that would allow it to h

What is the surface pressure on Saturn September 9

Scientists measure the surface pressure on Saturn in the area where it reaches the same level as Earth's sea level. NASA defines the surface pressure as 1,000 bars, and states that its temperature at one bar is -218.20 degrees Fahrenheit, or -139 deg

What is a Kerr black hole September 9

Most scientists agree that circling a traditional black hole long enough or flying into one would ultimately crush the traveller. However, Kerr's version of the black hole theorizes that if dying stars collapse into a rotating ring of neutron stars,

Is Mercury hot or cold September 9

There is no proof that life has ever occurred on Mercury, and the planet's hostile conditions likely do not allow for it. The nearest planet to the sun is Mercury, located roughly 36 million miles apart. All of the other planets in the solar system a

What is the revolution period of Neptune September 9

Not only is Neptune's revolution period interesting, but there are also other facts that make Neptune worthy of study. It takes Neptune 19.1 Earth hours to make one rotation and its average temperature is around -373 degrees Fahrenheit. Its atmospher

What is the Chandler wobble September 9

What is the Chandler wobble
The Chandler wobble was discovered by American astronomer Seth Carlo Chandler in the late 19th century. Theories as to the causes of the wobble include tides, the Earth's liquid interior, co ...

What is Saturn's period of revolution September 9

Despite having such a long revolution period, Saturn has a relatively short rotation period, or day (the time it takes to spin once around its axis), which is only 10.2 Earth hours. Because of this high speed of rotation, Saturn has extremely fast wi

What is Pluto's period of revolution September 9

Its unusual orbit has Pluto coming inside of Neptune's orbital path at times. Classified as a dwarf planet as of 2006 by the International Astronomical Union, Pluto has three known satellites: Charon, Hydra and Nix. Even so, Pluto itself is smaller i

What are the sizes of the nine planets September 9

What are the sizes of the nine planets
The farthest planet from the sun is also the smallest. Pluto's diameter is approximately 3,000 kilometers. Little is known about this planet as it is the only one a space probe hasn't visite ...

Which planet has the most eccentric orbit September 9

Because of its orbit and the exchange of carbon dioxide between its ice caps and the atmosphere, the atmospheric pressure on Mars during winter is 25 percent lower than it is during summer. Before Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet, it had the mo

How did the planet Pluto get its name September 9

The Lowell Observatory received over 1,000 suggested names for the planet. Burney initially suggested the name to her grandfather, who passed the suggestion along to an astronomer. The astronomer, Herbert Hall Turner, passed the name on to astronomer

Which countries have had missions to Mars September 9

According to NASA, the former USSR made the first attempt in 1960 at a mission to Mars. The USSR sent two spacecraft, the Korabl 4 and Korabl 5, on flyby missions. These vessels, however, never left Earth's atmosphere, ultimately failing an orbital m

How long does it take Saturn to rotate on its axis September 9

How long does it take Saturn to rotate on its axis
Scientists do not believe that the planet has actually slowed its rotation. Instead, they think that Saturn's magnetic field and its location have more to do with the conflicting readings. N ...

How do you find the current moon phase September 6

How do you find the current moon phase
Astronomers see the moon undergo phases because of the way it orbits the earth. Although the Moon orbits the Earth every 27.3 days, the lunar phase cycle takes 29.5 days to complete, as the ...

Who invented the spaceship September 3

In 1968, NASA began developing the spaceship. They needed a way to help cut the cost of going into space. Everything they had been using up until that point could not be reused over and over again. Even though NASA invented the actual design, the par

Where is Voyager 1 headed September 3

Much of the recent data collected from Voyager 1 centers around the heliosphere, a boundary of charged magnetic particles emitted by our Sun. This sphere extends far beyond the outer planets of our solar system and marks the boundary of interstellar

What does UFO stand for September 3

UFOs are spotted most by people when they are not actively looking, and are more likely observed by people who live in the country or in smaller population centers. Despite the fact that many people actually spend time looking for UFOs, most are spot
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