What is the capital of China September 13

Beijing comprises 16 administrative county-level subdivisions, including 14 urban and suburban districts and two rural counties. It is located in the north of China and extends over approximately 16,800 square kilometers. The city is shielded by moun

What is Paragon fine bone china September 12

Herbert James Aynsley, John Gerrard Aynsley and William Illingworth were the originators of the Paragon China Company. Fine bone china pieces were often numbered with a letter prefix and a numerical suffix. These numbers designated the color of the p

Where is Thailand located September 12

The coast of Thailand is 2,000 miles long. The country's land constitutes 197,256 square miles, and its water makes up 861 square miles. Thailand's highest point is Doi Inthanon at 8,451 feet, and its lowest point is in the Gulf of Thailand at 0 feet

What is some information about Vietnam September 12

Two of Vietnam's important rivers are the Mekong and Red rivers. Many of the Vietnamese people still live along the delta regions of these rivers. Approximately 20 percent of Vietnam's land is arable, and agriculture is an important part of its econo

Where is alluvial soil found in India September 10

Alluvial soil is particularly productive, fertile and rich in nutrients like potassium. It occurs only around rivers and riverbeds when the rivers flood and leave behind soil deposits when the waters recede. Before the silt and soil cements over time

Where are the Philippines located September 9

The Republic of the Philippines is bordered by the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Celebes Sea to the south, the Sulu sea to the southwest and the South China sea to the west. Nearby countries include Taiwan and Malaysia. Sixty-

What is the size of North Korea September 3

North Korea has a population of approximately 24.9 million people, as of 2014, making it the 50th most populated country in the world. The capital and largest city of North Korea is Pyongyang. Pyongyang is situated along the Teadong River. This city

What do you call a person from Singapore September 3

What do you call a person from Singapore
Singaporeans are also known to speak a complex creole known as "Singlish," consisting of elements of the Queen's English, a number of dialects, including Cantonese, Bengali, Teache ...

What are some interesting facts about Asia September 3

Asia is divided into six regions, each with its own political, geographic and cultural distinctions. The southern regions consist of Southwest Asia, which includes Iran, Turkey and the nations of the fertile crescent; South Asia, which includes Afgha

Where are the largest cities in Afghanistan located September 3

The three largest cities in Afghanistan, Kabul, Herat and Kandahar, are located at three distinct locations. While Kabul lies close to the Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan border to the north, Kandahar is at the Afghanistan and Pakistan border to

Is Saudi Arabia in Asia or Africa September 3

Is Saudi Arabia in Asia or Africa
Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia is bordered by the countries of Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait and two bodies of water: the Persian Gulf and ...

What are some facts about Bhutan September 3

The name Bhutan may be derived from the Sanskrit word Bhotant meaning "the end of Tibet" or from the word Bhu-uttan meaning "high land." The indigenous people call the land, Druk Yul or "land of the thunder dragon," and deem

What are the countries in West Asia September 3

West Asia is synonymous with the Middle East. This region is largely made up of the Arabian Peninsula, a landmass between the Red Sea to the west, the Arabian Sea to the southeast and the Persian Gulf to the east. The border between Afghanistan and I
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