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Who wrote Don Quixote October 16

Aside from "Don Quixote," Miguel de Cervantes also released a novel entitled "La Galatea" in 1585 and a series of theater plays, of which only two survived until 2014. Due to his early failures as a writer, de Cervantes took up a posit

What are the themes of Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono October 15

What are the themes of Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono
"Houseboy" follows the story of Toundi, who has close ties to Father Gilbert. The Father teaches Toundi about Catholicism; however, Toundi's faith dwindles slowly throughout the st ...

What is a three-stanza poem October 15

Often, the stanza breaks in a three-stanza poem serve to underscore a logical shift. For example, here is Lovelace's "To Lucasta, Going to the Wars": "Tell me not, sweet, I am unkind, That from the nunnery Of thy chaste breast, and quiet mi

Where can you go to sell books October 10

To sell books to a used bookstore, the owner of the books simply needs to take them to the shop. The shop clerk then looks at the books and makes an offer. In most cases, book owners can choose between accepting cash or store credit for their used bo
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