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Can I keep baby sharks as pets September 12

Baby nurse sharks are sometimes sold as pets, although some experts say this is not a good idea. Nurse sharks will outgrow even a very large aquarium in less than a year. Most species of shark are much too large to keep in a home aquarium even as bab

What is a cory cat September 11

There are 161 species of cory cats, many of which are freely available in the aquarium trade. Common types sold for aquariums include the black spotted C. paleatus, or peppered cory; the green C. aenaeus, or bronze cory; and the speckled C. julii, or

What are giant danios September 11

The giant danio can grow to 4 inches long and has an elongated, deep and compressed body that's often a pale, gleaming gold with a blue stripe down the side. The fish eats both dry and live food. It thrives in water that's medium-soft to medium-hard

What is an undergravel filter September 11

Dedicated undergravel filters for large or heavily stocked tanks should use a water pump or a powerhead instead of an air pump, since this allows better water flow. Undergravel filters should not be used in aquariums with aquatic plants, uneven grave

How large does a betta fish grow September 11

According to, betta fish originate in Asia and live in shallow ponds, such as rice paddies. Captive breeding has led to subspecies with longer fins and populations of the fish outside of their native habitats. A tank size of at least 2 gall

Why is my betta fish floating on its side September 11

Why is my betta fish floating on its side
The swim bladder is an organ that allows a betta fish to control its buoyancy. When the fish is experiencing complications with the swim bladder, it is unable to control the direction it flo ...

What do clownfish eat September 10

What do clownfish eat
Clownfish are also referred to as anemone fish because they live alongside the sea anemone. The pair have a symbiotic relationship because the anemone protects the clownfish from predators w ...

What are some good fish names September 10

What are some good fish names
The most common fish name is Nemo. It has been in use since the success of the animated movie "Finding Nemo" and its popularity among children. "Little Mermaid" is also a ...

How do you dechlorinate water September 10

Purchase the correct dechlorinatorRead the labels on the various dechlorinators for sale at the local pet store. Check to be certain the dechlorinator also neutralizes chloramine, which is used in many municipal water supplies. The staff at the store
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