What are electric hurricane lamps October 16

One example of a hurricane-style electric lamp, marketed on Amazon, features an old-style lantern in a frosted glass design. The lamp comes with a 60-watt candelabra light bulb instead of a wick and burner for burning kerosene. Hurricane lamps, elect

How do you sell an antique stove September 3

Market your antique stove effectivelyMarketing your stove involves letting potential customers know what you have. Put ads in your local newspapers but don't hesitate to venture out to other publications that reach a wider audience. Create a catchy h

Where is MAC Antique Auto Parts located September 3

MAC Antique Auto Parts was founded by Douglas McIntosh in 1978. It offers a variety of parts for Ford Mustangs, Ford Thunderbirds and Broncos. Each vehicle make has its own selection of available model years and available replacement parts. Customers

How can you identify antique furniture September 3

Check for tool marksExamine the back, sides and bottom of the piece for cuts and nicks. Circular saws and machinery were not available until 1860, so marks from tools like chisels, drawknives, spokeshaves or planes are a sign that the furniture may h

What are some rare retired HomCo figurines September 3

The Denim Days Collection, featuring a little boy and girl dressed in overalls, was produced from the mid-1980s and into the 2000s. No HomCo figurines were produced after 2008. The Homco bear figurines featured porcelain bears representing children a

How much is my Ansonia clock worth September 3

An easy way to learn the approximate value of an Ansonia clock is to consult with a professional auction house. Most auction houses do evaluations for free, though they are conducted on a first-come-first-served basis. Send a photo and description of

How much is Denby pottery worth September 3

An quick, easy way to get an idea of the selling price of Denby pottery is to compare it to similar pieces that have been recently sold on auction sites like eBay. It can also be helpful to check with antique dealers, many of whom give appraisals on

What are green Depression glass plates September 3

What are green Depression glass plates
Depression glassware was poorly made and often handed out for free. Food companies included glass pieces in their packages as a means to entice buyers, and businesses handed them out to cust ...

How do you identify antique glass September 3

Antique glass typically shows signs of wear on its base and in any gilded decorations. Different types of small scratches at varying depths indicate the glass was used over a long period of time. Defects such as chips and bubbles are common in antiqu

Where can you get MI Hummel figurines appraised September 3

Where can you get MI Hummel figurines appraised
China experts and antique appraisers can be located for in-person appraisals. There is also a number of value charts and price guides online which can help collectors to determine whether th ...

How can you tell if a Mason jar is antique September 3

Vintage Mason jars sometimes can be identified by their color. Some old jars are a variety of colors, most often light blue. Antique jars feel thicker and heavier than modern jars as well. Because manufacturing was less reliable, old jars often have

How can you tell real crystal from fake September 3

How can you tell real crystal from fake
A crystal glass also creates a musical tone when a wet finger is ran around the rim. Crystal is worked thinner than glass, so a glass with a very thin rim is probably a crystal glass. Crysta ...

How do you tell the age of cast iron September 3

The rough markings on the bottoms of old cast iron objects indicate where the molten iron was poured into the mold. Most pieces made after 1875 have smooth undersides, because crafting methods changed so that the iron entered the mold on the sides, u
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