Ancient Greece

From what were Greek masks made September 11

The masks served several purposes in the Greek theater. The masks made characters more recognizable, allowed one actor to portray numerous parts and allowed men to portray female characters. Women were not allowed to act or participate in theater in

What is Spartacus' real name September 3

Historical evidence suggests that early on in his life, Spartacus may have been in the Roman army. At some point in his life, he was enslaved and sold to a gladiatorial training school in Capua, north of Naples. He escaped from this school with 78 ot

What did Archimedes discover July 29

What did Archimedes discover
Credit:De Agostini Picture LibraryDe Agostini Picture LibraryGetty ImagesOne of the discoveries Archimedes is most known for has to do with the concept of volume. When a king asked the scien ...

What is Archimedes' full name July 28

After learning all that he could from his teachers in Syracuse, Archimedes relocated to Egypt so that he could continue his studies in Alexandria. After leaving and returning to Syracuse, Archimedes went on to invent the sciences of hydro statics and
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