What do alligator gar eat September 7

Alligator gar are large fish, weighing up to 300 pounds, so they are able to prey on a large range of animals. They are the largest gars and are among the largest freshwater fish in North America. They serve vital roles as top predators in many of th

How do alligators mate September 7

According to Wired Science News, the alligator mating ritual is often called "water dancing." The animals' underwater mating bellows are so forceful and low that they cause water droplets to fly up into the air, attracting potential mates. Allig

Do alligators have ears July 28

Alligators above water have similar hearing abilities to birds, lizards and other animals without external ears. An alligator's hearing is equal to a goldfish's, and the anatomy of alligators' ears gives them exceptional hearing while they are submer

Do alligators have tongues July 28

Alligators can stick their tongues out, but crocodiles cannot because of the presence of a membrane in the roof of a crocodile's mouth that holds the tongue in place. Because crocodiles spend the majority of their time in the water, this membrane hol

Do alligators eat humans July 28

Alligators are fierce predators. They have armored bodies, powerful jaws and muscular tails. Scientists estimate that they have been around for more than 150 million years. Contrary to popular belief, alligators make sounds. They do so to warn away i

How fast do alligators grow July 28

Male alligators grow up to 13 feet and more than 500 pounds, while females reach about 9 feet and around 200 pounds. In addition to growing larger than females, males grow faster, too. Large habitats with less competition for food increase growth rat

How fast can an alligator run July 28

Alligators are fairly sluggish on land as their bodies drag on or close to the ground, their legs are short, and they have to drag their tails. Muddy terrain increases the speed at which an alligator can run on land as the alligator can slide its sto

How long can an alligator stay underwater July 28

How long can an alligator stay underwater
Credit:Daniela DuncanMomentGetty ImagesThe alligator is adept at controlling and slowing down its heart rate. Alligators are not equipped with gills, so they don't breathe under the water. W ...
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