How does X vary from Y September 7

Essentially, "X" and "Y" are just arbitrary letters that mathematicians use as regular placeholders in equations to make things more consistent. This allows mathematicians to communicate with one another easily. The notational standard

How do you find the domain of a quadratic function September 7

X values that are not acceptable in the domain of a function include any value that makes the denominator of a fraction zero. For example, y = 3/(x-2) contains the variable x in the denominator. If x is two, then the denominator is zero and the funct

How do you graph quadratic functions September 7

Plot a minimum of seven points from the quadratic equationEnter the integers -3 through 3 as the x-values in the equation. Calculate the corresponding y-values, and place both x-values and y-values in a T chart. Draw an x-axis and y-axis on graph pap

What are non-collinear points September 6

To test if points are non-collinear, attempt to draw a line through all the points. If the line must curve to cross through one or more of the points, then the group of points is non-collinear. The opposite of non-collinear is collinear, which means

What is the cross product of a vector September 3

What is the cross product of a vector
There is one requirement that must be satisfied in order to find a cross product: Both of the vectors need to be three-dimensional vectors. This is because the result of a cross product is a ...

Where can you find help with algebra online September 3 contains lessons for basic algebra concepts such as equations, proportions, word problems, combining like terms, distribution, the FOIL method, exponents of numbers, exponents of variables, solving equations by factoring, completing t

How do I calculate a cross-sectional area September 3

How do I calculate a cross-sectional area
A parallel cross-section of a sphere, cone or cylinder is a circle. To calculate the area, find the radius of the circle at the cross-section, square it, and multiply by pi, a number most co ...

What does order of operations mean September 3

Calculations should be completed from left to right in the problem. The correct order of operations to use in a mathematical problem involves doing the calculations in parentheses first and those with exponents second, followed by those requiring mul

What is a trinomial square September 3

A binomial has two algebraic expressions, while a trinomial has three algebraic expressions. (a + b)² = a² + 2ab + b² and (a - b)² = a² - 2ab + b² are both the squares of a binomial. The expressions a² + 2ab + b² and a² - 2ab + b² are both trinomial

What is a double root in algebra September 3

What is a double root in algebra
A double root can be confirmed mathematically by examining the equation for solving a second-degree polynomial. If the discriminant, or square root of b^*a*c, is equal to zero, then the e ...

How are logs solved September 3

Just as subtraction is the mathematical "opposite" of addition, logs are the "opposite" of exponents. In other words, they undo or inverse an exponential equation. For this reason, many people find it easy to think of logs in terms of

What is a formula equation September 3

What is a formula equation
The most well-known example of a chemical formula is water, which is H?O. Formula equations are used to keep larger and more complex equations and reactions as simple and short as possible. ...

How are matrices used in real life September 3

How are matrices used in real life
Matrices are common tools used by the science and research industry to track, record and display the results of research. In addition to applied science, matrices are also used in the basic ...

What are linear sequences September 3

What are linear sequences
Linear sequences are the most basic type of sequence. Learning to detect and predict sequences is useful in pattern recognition, both by visual inspection and technological algorithms. To de ...

Why is standard deviation useful September 3

Standard deviation is a fundamental calculation for analyzing a set of data in relation to its mean. It is crucial for measuring volatility and error from multiple pools of data. It measures whether a set of data or a specific point is close to the g

What is simplest form September 3

An example of reducing a fraction to its simplest form is found on Syracuse University's math website and is as follows: 8/12 = 2x4 / 3x4. In that case, the fraction can be simplified by canceling out the common factor, 4, from both the numerator and

What is a linear inequality equation September 3

What is a linear inequality equation
Solving linear inequalities is similar to solving linear equations. If the linear inequality equation is "x + 4 < 0," it can be treated similarly as if the equation was "x ...

How do you simplify imaginary numbers September 3

How do you simplify imaginary numbers
For division problems, imaginary numbers are simplified by clearing the denominator by multiplying the expression by the conjugate of the denominator over itself, which is the same as multip ...
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