pink spotting instead of period

What does spotting of blood mean instead of having your period October 9

What does spotting of blood mean instead of having your period
According to, spotting sometimes occurs outside of the regular menstrual cycle and is often just a few drops of blood. Differing in color from dark brown to light red, spotting ...

Is spotting two days before a period abnormal July 28

Is spotting two days before a period abnormal
Credit:Alberto PomaresE+Getty says that women who are on birth control sometimes experience spotting before their period as well. It is also common in adolescents who a ...

What causes pink period blood July 28

What causes pink period blood
Credit:hygienemattersCC-BY-2.0According to, if the pink blood is simply part of the normal menstrual cycle, it is followed by a flow that becomes heavier and darker gradually. T ...

What is a uterine fibroid tumors July 28

Symptoms of uterine fibroids include spotting following menstrual periods, bleeding between periods and pelvic pain, explains WebMD. Women may also experience discomfort during sexual intercourse, painful bowel movements and urinary frequency. In cer

Where do black widows live July 28

The female black widow is black with a red hourglass design on her back, while the male is a lighter color and has red or pink spots on his back. The female is about 1.5-inches long, about twice the length of the male. The black widow is the most ven

What is the Precambrian era July 28

The Precambrian is not a true geologic era, but instead a period of time, containing three distinct eons: the Hadean, which was 4.5 to 4 million years ago, the Archean, which was 4 billion to 2.5 billion years ago, and the Proterozoic, which was 2.5

What is static balance July 29

What is static balance
Credit:Lintao ZhangGetty Images SportGetty ImagesLike when someone is standing at a stove and cooking a meal, for instance, could be an example of someone using static balance in a common co ...
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