Pastor's House is called What

Energy at rest is called what July 29

Acceleration of gravity is considered 32.2 feet per second squared at sea level. Based on the principle of energy conservation, potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy when an object starts moving. Energy is never destroyed or created b

How do icebergs float September 8

Moreover, icebergs are full of air bubbles. These air bubbles also give the iceberg their white color. The ice that icebergs are made of is made of fresh water, and can be thousands of years old. This makes an iceberg even more buoyant, as saltwater

What is the center of the sun called July 28

The core is the hottest part of the sun. This interior part of the sun houses the nuclear fusion reactions that characterize the sun. In nuclear fusion, two hydrogen nuclei combine to form a helium nucleus. Energy is emitted in the form of gamma rays

What were Sumerian houses like July 28

Sumerian houses were made out of a mixture of loam, mud, sand, water and a binding material such as rice husks or straw. These materials suggest that houses were handmade and could therefore be expanded or torn down and remade easily. That flexibilit

What do you call someone who collects July 28

What do you call someone who collects
Credit:Carlos JoséCC-BY-2.0Sometimes, an adjective is added before the word "collector" to describe what the person collects. For instance, someone who collects coins as a hobby ma ...

What is a monk's home called July 28

What is a monk's home called
Credit:Getty Images AsiaPacGetty ImagesGetty ImagesIn general, monasteries include modest living quarters as well as a room or rooms where prayers can take place. Larger monasteries may also ...
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