Can leukemia cause you to itch October 20

Can leukemia cause you to itch
The Mayo Clinic states that early symptoms of leukemia resemble symptoms of the flu, so it is important to be proactive if one has any of these symptoms for prolonged periods. Leukemia is ca ...

What is normal creatinine October 20

High creatinine levels in the blood are an indicator of kidney malfunction, but temporary spikes can be caused by dehydration or low blood levels, explains Mayo Clinic. Eating large quantities of meat or taking creatinine supplements may also cause e

What is a dilate bile duct October 20

The doctor uses imaging scans to identify the obstruction causing the bile duct to dilate. Gallstones and various types of carcinomas can lead to blockage, but many other possible causes exist as well, such as trauma, anomalous narrowing of the ducts

What is Fougera acetonide cream October 20

A triamcinolone acetonide cream, for example, is a corticosteroid used to help treat eczema, dermatitis and rashes. The triamcinolone reduces the redness, itching and swelling caused by these skin conditions. It can be highly potent.People can use th

What is a home remedy treatment for incontinence October 20

What is a home remedy treatment for incontinence
HowStuffWorks also recommends visiting a doctor to discuss the possibility of using a urethral insert or urine seal. Traveling urinals are available to patients who need extra assistance whe ...

How do you remove eyelash glue October 20

How do you remove eyelash glue
Prep the false eyelashes Use a Q-tip, makeup sponge or cotton swab to gently apply warm water, coconut oil or olive oil to the line of the eyelashes. Allow the liquid to set for a few minute ...

What did Thomas Jefferson invent October 19

What did Thomas Jefferson invent
The improved plow Thomas Jefferson invented plowed deeper than existing plows and could plow on a hillside. Along with inventing a machine for making elbow macaroni, Jefferson is also credit ...

What are Rock Revival jeans October 19

Rock Revival creates high-end jeans for men and women. It differentiates itself from other high-end jean manufacturers by its rock n' roll style detail work, including innovative wash treatments, flowing stitch lines and its iconic back pocket revers

What are the most common side effects of thyroid medication October 19

What are the most common side effects of thyroid medication
Some serious side effects, states WebMD, are breathing troubles, chest pains and swelling of the lips, throat or tongue. Emergency response should be contacted if any of these symptoms occur ...

How do you iron felt fabric October 19

Prepare the materialAdjust the iron to low, wool setting, then preheat it. Spread the fabric on the ironing board, and smooth out the creases.Iron the fabricBegin from the left of the fabric, and move the iron towards the right. To avoid scorching th

How do you iron a pair of pants October 19

Begin with the pocketsTurn the pants so the pockets are on the outside. Place the pockets flat on the ironing board, and press them with the iron.Press the fly, seams and hemsUse the iron to press the fly of the pants. Next, iron the seams and hems o

Who is Gouverneur Morris October 19

Born in New York in 1752, Gouverneur Morris graduated from college at the age of 16 and quickly became involved in politics just as the American colonies were beginning to seek independence from Great Britain. After serving in the American Revolution

Is toothpaste an acid or base October 19

The average pH level of nine toothpastes tested was 6.83 (slightly acidic). They had a range of pH levels, from 4.22 (acidic) to 8.35 (slightly alkaline or basic). Seven of these measured within one point of neutral (a level of seven). Toothpastes co

What are side effects of drinking mouthwash October 19

Some people misuse mouthwash because it contains alcohol that can cause drunkenness, but it can also cause serious problems, including toxicity and even death. Alcohol Rehab Advice notes that even ingesting a small amount of mouthwash can cause probl

How is rubber made October 19

Until the 1800s, the sap from rubber trees, known as latex, was simply allowed to dry to form a basic rubber. However, this type of rubber is susceptible to heat and cold, which is why vulcanization is needed to make it more stable in all temperature

How do you get rid of sleep wrinkles October 19

How do you get rid of sleep wrinkles
Plunge your face into a sink full of ice cold water Take a deep breath, and put your face into a sink full of ice cold water. Stay in it as long as you can. This forces blood to rush to your ...

What is a duplex kidney October 19

Each kidney usually has one ureter connecting it to the bladder. According to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, people with a duplex kidney have an extra ureter that either empties directly into the bladder or connects to the other ureter. If

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