What happens when lava cools down October 22

Lava flows out of a volcano at various speeds, and it may travel long distances before hardening or begin to turn crusty as soon as it is exposed to surrounding cooler air. The lava may collect in vast fields, which is what often happens with lava th

What is seismology October 22

Seismic waves are caused by the sudden breaking or cracking of rocks beneath the Earth's surface. Tectonic plates are constantly moving, though slowly, and cause earthquakes when they collide or rub against each other. The subsequent waves of energy

What is a civil offense October 22

A common civil offense is contempt of court. These contempt charges often arise from family court systems where a parent is ordered to pay child support. If the parent ordered to pay child support does not do so, the other parent can petition the cou

What are Fram air filters October 22

Business operators and consumers acquire Fram air filters directly from one of the company's retail carriers or from a service provider such as a dealer or oil change shop. Fram filters can be installed by vehicle owners, and standard car maintenance

What is a virtual kitchen October 22

A virtual kitchen starts with a rendering of an empty room. The user adds elements from a predetermined selection of cabinetry, sinks, plumbing fixtures, appliances and other features to the appropriate area of the rendering. A backsplash, countertop

How do you season Pampered Chef brand stoneware October 22

Stoneware from Pampered Chef is pre-seasoned, meaning that no additional seasoning needs to take place. The products maintain their non-stick seasoning by remaining out of the dishwasher, and away from soap or detergent. As they become darker with us

How much do NFL refs make October 22

The NFL is one of the most popular sporting leagues with millions of fans attending games and tuning in to television broadcasts. With players making millions of dollars a year, it would make sense that those who make the calls on the field would als

What is a dotted line manager October 22

A straight line manager is an employee's direct assessor and superior. They are most often responsible for reporting on the employee's performance and for handling such procedures as firings, raises and promotions. They are directly involved in the d

What causes uric acid October 22

Genetic factors and lifestyle choices contribute to higher uric acid levels, explains Medscape. Drinking too much alcohol causes the body to process nucleotides too rapidly, leading to higher levels of uric acid in blood plasma. In addition, a person

What is lower eye blepharoplasty October 22

Another goal of a lower eye blepharoplasty is simply to improve the overall shape and appearance of the eye. People who experience bags under their eyes commonly seek this procedure, reports the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. People remove fat

How is math used in the field of medicine October 22

Physicians and nurses use math daily to write prescriptions for medication and determine proper dosage. Most doctors recommend doses of medicine based on patients' body weight. Sometimes, doctors must convert weight from pounds into kilograms and con

What is a syntax error October 22

Some common syntax errors include an incorrect, missing or extra punctuation; use of a variable that the program does not recognize; and an incorrect ordering of the words in the source code. The compiler usually indicates the probable location of th

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