Why do we pat others on the back while hugging October 23

Why do we pat others on the back while hugging
According to, a back pat during a hug represents either being uncomfortable or a desire to end the hug; the bigger the pat, the more uncomfortable someone is. According t ...

How do you read a multimeter October 23

Turn on the multimeter, and calibrate the settingsMultimeters have several settings, such as both AC and DC voltage, resistance/impedance and amperage. More advanced models might include capacitance. Before testing anything, know what you want to mea

What is Barbie's boyfriend Ken's last name October 22

What is Barbie's boyfriend Ken's last name
Ken's doll girlfriend and toy counterpart, Barbie, also has a full fictional name: Barbara Millicent Roberts. "Barbie" is a shortened nickname for Barbara. Ken and Barbie have both ...

What is country code 43 October 22

The standardization of country calling codes is regulated by the Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunication Union, commonly referred to as the ITU-T. It produces international standards known as the ITU-T Recommen

How do you take screenshots on a Galaxy S3 October 22

Go to SettingsAccess the Settings of the handset. Swipe down the Notifications tray, and tap on the Settings icon to access the Settings menu. Alternatively, tap on the Settings icon on the Home screen.Enable the Palm Swipe To Capture optionOnce the

Is Mr Clean black or white October 22

The initial image of Mr. Clean was conceived by Richard Black of Dayton, Ohio, who designed him as a muscular, bald man with a passion for cleaning. Thomas Scott Cadden of Skokie, Illinois, devised the accompanying jingle, which later became the long

Who regulates insurance companies October 22

As of February 2015, only two insurance companies, Prudential and AIG, have been moved to federal regulation under the auspices of the Financial Stability Oversight Council. However, there is a push for more federal regulation. The 2010 Dodd-Frank Ac

How much do F1 mechanics earn October 22

Formula 1 mechanics must work on Formula 1 cars both during a race and outside of the race. If the car breaks down, mechanics may need to be part of the pit crew and make quick fixes on the spot. Furthermore, the mechanic is expected to constantly ma

What is a merchant wholesaler October 22

Merchant wholesalers buy directly from manufacturers and transport the goods to storage facilities, which may be warehouses or yards. These goods are sold in smaller quantities to retailers and often delivered to their premises. Merchant wholesalers

What is DNA methylation October 22

DNA methylation occurs at the cytosine bases of eukaryotic DNA. If DNA methylation has an error, it can lead to various diseases. Research shows the link between DNA methylation and cancer, lupus, muscular dystrophy and various birth defects. More re

What is a safe level of carbon monoxide October 22

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning causes more than 20,000 emergency department visits, 4,000 hospitalizations and 400 deaths annually. People aged 65 and older, people with respiratory p

What are the 1972 AMC Javelin specs October 22

The 1972 AMC Javelin featured unique tail lamps that distinguished it from the 1971 AMC Javelin model. The standard 304 engine generated 245 pounds of torque at 2500 rotations per minute. The engine had a bore and stroke that measured 3.75 and 3.44 i

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