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What is cold laser therapy used for July 28

Considered a nonsurgical procedure, cold laser therapy does not require patients to complete a long-term recovery process that requires physical therapy or the use of prescription or over-the-counter medications, reports Spine-health. To see signific

What is the best form of laser facial hair removal July 28

Though the WebMD site states laser hair removal is not effective in these cases, the Cleveland Clinic website, however, suggests that laser hair removal can now be used for all skin types. It provides a lengthy list of lasers used for hair removal an

How effective is cold laser therapy July 30

The laser treatment features a hand-held device that emits red and near-infrared light, directed on the injured spot for 30 seconds to several minutes while the photons penetrate the skin layers to the desired depth, explains the American Chiropracto

How do you treat an abscess in the mouth July 28

WebMD describes the root canal surgery as a process that drains the abscess and removes any diseased root tissue. A crown may be placed on the tooth after a root canal surgery to protect the tooth. Tooth extraction also allows the abscess to drain th

What is Zerona July 29

With Zerona, low-level laser stimulation disrupts the fat cell membrane and triggers the release of the cell's contents into spaces between cells. The released material then passes through the body during the normal detoxification process, explains E

What are low hormone levels in women July 28

Estrogen is actually three hormones, which are estriol, estradiol and estrone. Only estrone remains after a woman enters menopause, according to WebMD. There are other causes of low estrogen levels in women, including hypogonadism, hypopituitarism, p
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