is sprite good when you have diarrhea

What foods should you avoid when you have diarrhea July 28

In addition to milk, a person should steer clear of cheese, ice cream and butter even if the diarrhea was not caused by lactose intolerance. A temporary sensitivity to dairy products is possible during a bout of diarrhea; however, a probiotic food su

What can you eat when you have spacers in your mouth July 28

Orthodontic spacers are also called separators and are placed between molars to create a small amount of space between the teeth before a patient receives wire braces, explains Shaver. The space created allows orthodontists to fit molar bands around

What can you eat when you have colitis July 28

A well-balanced diet that is high in protein, fresh produce, dairy and grains is generally recommended for people with colitis. Applesauce, cooked asparagus, steamed carrots, lettuce and skinned Idaho potatoes are types of produce that are low in fib

What happens when you have all your teeth removed July 28

Complete loss of teeth contributes to a lack of confidence around people, reports Complete Wellbeing. An individual often wonders what others are going to think when they find out he is toothless, which makes it hard to speak or smile around people.
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