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What is the cost of an iPhone screen repair July 28

What is the cost of an iPhone screen repair
Credit:Patrick StrattnerGetty ImagesFor those who have AppleCare+, an optional plan that extends an iPhone's warranty for two years and provide damage coverage for up to two accidents, Apple ...

How do you purchase an iPhone screen replacement July 29

How do you purchase an iPhone screen replacement
Credit:Luca MascaroCC-BY-SA 2.0While Apple offers a service to iPhone owners to replace damaged screens, the service costs anywhere from $109 to $129, according to Apple's website. This incl ...

How do you sync Outlook with your iPhone July 28

Go to the phone's settingsTap the Settings icon on your iPhone, then navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and tap to select. Next, tap Add Account, then Microsoft Exchange.Enter required informationType the needed information in the email, username

What is the largest cellphone screen on iPhones August 2

Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the largest and thinnest iPhone devices ever released, as of April 2015. The iPhone 6 Plus displays a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Previous models such as the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c featured a 4-in

How do you delete music from an iPhone 5 July 28

Open the music appTurn on your iPhone 5, and tap the red Music icon to launch the Music app.View the songs on your iPhone 5Tap the Songs option located at the bottom of the screen to view all of the songs on your iPhone 5. If you want to find a song

How do you clear the browser cache on an iPhone July 28

Open the Settings appOn the iPhone home screen, tap the Settings icon to open the iPhone Settings menu. Scroll down through the listings in the settings menu until you find the listing for Safari.Open the Safari browser settings menuTap on Safari to

How do you track an iPhone for free July 28

How do you track an iPhone for free
Credit:WIN-InitiativeWIN-InitiativeGetty ImagesFind my iPhone uses the phone's GPS receiver to determine its current location. When set to "lost mode", it reports that information ...

How do you restore an iPhone from iCloud July 28

How do you restore an iPhone from iCloud
Credit:Justin SullivanGetty Images NewsGetty ImagesUpdate your phone's operating systemTap on the Settings app on your iPhone. Select General and then Software Update. If you require a softw ...

What apps can help you find a lost iPhone July 28

Find My iPhone provides a way to track the location of an iPhone anywhere by using another iOS device where the application is installed. It also provides the ability to make a lost iPhone play a sound or display a message remotely, a useful feature

How can you find a lost iPhone July 28

If the map shows that the lost iPhone is within your reach but you cannot find its exact location, click the information window of the device, and then click Play Sound. This plays a loud sound to help you find its exact location. If the map shows th

How do you create an APN for an AT&T iPhone July 28

The network path used by iPhone devices for cellular data connectivity is the Access Point Name defined. On an iPhone, you are able to view and edit the APN settings depending on the network provider. An iPhone connected to AT&T network is able to cr

What are the benefits of iPhone cases July 28

One of the main benefits of iPhone cases is that they provide high quality safety against accidents. If a user drops the device or knocks it onto a hard surface, the case guards against cracks to the screen or shock that may cause extensive damage. T

How do you delete music from an iPhone July 28

Adjust settings to streamline the removal processBefore deleting music on your iPhone, tap Settings, then iTunes & App Store to ensure that iTunes Match is disabled. After affirming the feature is turned off, return to Settings, and tap Music. Switch
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